I say good riddance to bad trash-The future of America’s Newspapers

    Warren Buffet is not hopeful about America’s Newspapers:

    Buffet sees no profits for papers in the future.  I say good riddance.  I can remember even when liberal papers reported the news fairly or where there was some conservative newspapers.  Reporters and editors are now just mouth pieces for the DNC and I say good riddance. 

     Here’s a good story on Corporate greed.  I will lay out the facts.  Management controls the company through a special class of stock.  They get 20 votes per share while regular common folks get one vote per share plus management has guaranteed control of the board of directors.  Quick call Barney Frank and lets see some outrage over this.  Now after paying executives millions in bonuses they are shaking a local union and suggesting that without concessions they will lose all their jobs.  Guess what its the New York Times and its insulated bosses gutting the Unions:

    Yup make concessions or we close the globe.  The globe has always been liberal on its editorial page but it used to report the news without much bias.  Apparently not anymore.   The paper has lost many suburban readers and I suspect its for the same reason others have.  The paper is too darn liberal.

    Have a good day.

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    1. JulStol says:


    2. Brandon says:

      50-1 longshot wins the Kentucky Derby…wow!

    3. Howard Dean 1/20/13 says:

      Can’t wait for more papers to get flushed.

      Faster please!

    4. jones says:

      Best thing is they are drowning and can’t figure out why. But W is the one in a bubble.

    5. Libertarian Girl says:

      Yep, Mine that Bird was a huge upset!!!

    6. twolaneflash says:

      Here in the southeast, we are fed liberal and racist slop by the Atlanta Journal & Constitution (know locally as the urinal and constipation). The AJC is owned by Cox Enterprises, the majority owners being the Cox family. The three Cox owners are the descendants of the founder, James Middleton Cox, who was the Democratic Party Presidential candidate in 1920. He lost, but his family has used his fortune to build a media empire that is second only to George Soros in promoting the liberal lie.

    7. Libertarian girl says:

      Who is gonna win Bulls vs. Celtics???

      I’m gonna take Chicago

    8. Tommy_Boy says:


      I’ve got Boston….

    9. Tommy_Boy says:

      Cook only has Specter’s seat as a “lean Dem” seat…

    10. Brandon says:

      I heard Texas is planning on doing something similar to that.

    11. Tim says:

      Almost all newpapers are losing readers. The Richmond News Leader, the Rocky Mountain News, and the New York Sun all have two things in common:
      1. They are gone.
      2. They were Conservative.

      There are a myriad of reasons that print newpapers are losing readers. The Economy is certainly one. The Internet is certainly one. The advent of Cable News is certainly one.

      This “all the Liberals are dying out” nonsense is laughable, and so yesterday.

    12. sam says:


      Doesn’t matter why they are dying. If a group that is 90% biased towards liberals dies, it’s good riddance to bad rubbish.

      Maybe they should have paid more attention to economics and finance than gay rights and women’s studies.

    13. Chekote says:

      Can’t wait for more papers to get flushed.

      I don’t think it really matters as far as the influence the MSM has. They are going from paper to other mediums.

    14. sam says:

      Obama plans to re-instate military tribunals at Gitmo.

      Gitmo is still open, no chance of closing

      We are still in Iraq, and will likely be there for years.

      We are increasing our military presence in Afghanistan, with no exit strategy.

      GDP has shrunk 6.1% since the Moron-in-Chief took office, unemployment has shot up 2%, with over 2m newly-fired workers. And he has added more to the federal deficit in 3 months than all presidents put together in 230 years.

      So, tell me, why exactly was this guy elected?

      To push Chrysler into bankruptcy.

      The onl

    15. Chekote says:

      This whole GM, Chrysler, auto industry issue has been such a waste of taxpayer’s money. They should have gone into bankruptcy without the government getting involved.

    16. Tim V says:

      10- great link howard. the constitution gives the state that right. the commerce clause has been misues for decades…it is past time for states to re-claim what is rightfully theirs.

      as for newsparers, they are going the way of the horse and buggy-short the nyt, short gannett-they will not sutvive…the internet has made them unnessesary..

    17. Chekote says:


      I asked you a question in the religion thread. Do you mind going over there and answering it? Actually, it is two questions. Thanks.

    18. Tim V says:

      the uaw and poor management brought down the us auto industry. the uaw needed to give concessions a long time ago in order for the companies to compete. you can’t compete when your competitor has a $1700 price advantage before you start. management made poor decisions also. i think just letting them go bankrupt was the way to go. i realize there is a huge industry that thrives off of the manufacturers but if the mfg can’t make a profit then it is time to exit the business. short term pain, long term gain.

    19. sam says:

      “This whole GM, Chrysler, auto industry issue has been such a waste of taxpayer’s money. They should have gone into bankruptcy without the government getting involved.”

      The plan is to prop up unions at the expense of taxpayers. Chrysler already has received over $12bn in federal money, and, mark my words, it will continue to receive bailout until the next administration stops it. Does anyone believe that Chrysler, in whatever form, will ever make money?

      That’s when you will see Tim Geithner and Ben Bernanke in jail for violating securities and bankruptcy laws in the whole process.

    20. sam says:

      “your competitor has a $1700 price advantage before you start..”

      It’s much worse than that.

      Take 2007 as example, before the auto market got distorted by the financial mess:

      GM sold 9.4m units worldwide, lost $38bn.

      Toyota sold the same 9.4m units worldwide, made $18bn.

      A difference of $56 bn in bottom line, on 9.4m units each. Per unit advantage of about $6,000.

    21. Tim V says:

      chek- i answered your 2 questions on the religious thread.

    22. Brandon says:

      RIP Jack Kemp.

    23. Chekote says:


      Very sad.

    24. Tim V says:

      sam, unions helped elect obama. it is payback time. i said it before and i will say it again- he does nOT care about the american people-he cares about himself and those that elected him-unions, trial attorneys, banks,wallstreet,NARAL.and african americans.and students.

      all of his actions will be about getting himself re-elected and paying back those that got him there. to the extent that he needs to please at least 50% of the electorate-he WILL try to elp the american people-but they come last-it’s obama first-dem constituencies 2nd ( those with money go to the from of the line ) so most african americans will not be all that thrilled with obama when it is all said and done but they don’t expect much and he can please them with some WORDS here and there. maybe some HOPE and CHANGE…yeah tha’s the ticket…just blacken it up a bit… “we are tired of riding in the back of the bus, we want equal education for our children”- just throw some money at that and talk it up a little…

    25. Tim V says:

      to bad about kemp. pray for comfort for his family and loved ones….

    26. Tim V says:

      peace out. RD-all threads for tommorow are on your big shoulders-remember the chek police will be watching…

    27. Chekote says:

      chek police

      Look, I realize that tact is not my thing. However, I have found that when I say something many agree with me but just don’t feel like getting into a confrontation (unlike me) and just don’t say anything. Some just leave. Is that what the owners of the site want? Several have noted that it is getting too religious. Including lisab whose opinion you value more than mine. Just giving you a heads up.

    28. Tim says:

      Really sad about Kemp

    29. Libertarian girl says:

      Awww Chicago is going to lose

    30. Diogenes says:

      And the Star Tribune, New York Times are bastions of conservatism? The only reason they are afloat is because some rich liberals want to bail them out.

      Washington Post would be under too if they weren’t conglomerated with Kaplan.

      Try to troll again Tim and you will be similarly shot down.

    31. House Sparrow says:

      RIP, Jack. Sad news.

      GM and Chrysler should have been bankrupt long ago. It’s a damn shame, as I always liked Chrysler products, but I will never buy anything from them now that they are a branch of Obama/UAW Motors. My cars are Volkswagens, I have had six of them and they have never given me any reason not to keep buying them. They’re well built, will run forever and are UAW-free.

      I also need to have a truck, and unfortunately, VW can’t help out there. My truck will always be a Dodge, but I’ll buy used whenever I need one.

    32. Tommy_Boy says:

      RIP to a great American…

    33. Tommy_Boy says:

      One of my favorite moments of the 1996 campaign was Jack Kemp telling a crowd to boo him rather than boo his wife…chivalry and honor at its finestin spite of hooligans.

    34. lisab says:

      “Several have noted that it is getting too religious.” chekote

      yes, AND i also note it has gotten rather hostile towards religion by some posters too, which is also not right.

      i stand by what i said before, keep PURELY religious threads like the one below separate threads, and people can comment on them or not.

      why some see the need to go to those threads and troll is really unfortunate.

    35. lisab says:

      as for injecting religious principles into a regular thread …

      everyone has the right to base their political beliefs and votes on their personal beliefs.

      if those beliefs happen to be based on some form of religion that is their right. clearly there are those who base their political decisions on whatever attacks others’ religious beliefs around here, particularly if they are Christian beliefs.

    36. lisab says:

      what i wonder is, why do anti-religious people attack Christians?

      (well i know why, Christians won’t cut your head off if you draw a cartoon of Jesus)

      but seriously, Christianity today is not the problem. i wonder if these anti-religious people are willing to stand up against radical islam?

      my guess is no, since by and large they have not challenged islam in any way.

    37. Chekote says:

      Just for the record lisab, I don’t care at all about Islam because of the way they oppress women. But so far no muslim has come here and quoted the Koran. The day someone does that, you will see me response. Also, just because somebody says that a political blog should stick with politics DOES NOT make them anti-Christian. Enough with the martyrdom.

    38. Chekote says:


      Great link Brandon.

    39. lisab says:

      however as Tim V quite correctly pointed out below, a person’s belief system guides their political views.

      if they vote different from you because of their views, it is their right to do so. that is why we have the freedom of speech, to express disenting views.

      “had it been allah’s will, He could have made them all of one view”, but he chose not to do so. thus we have different views.

      since we are guests here it would be better if you respected others beliefs rather than attack people for having different beliefs than you.

      disagreeing is one thing. attacking someone’s beliefs because you do not like their church is simple bigotry.

    40. Libertarian girl says:

      Former Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge is seriously considering a run for the Senate

    41. Chekote says:

      than attack people for having different beliefs than you.

      And people here don’t attack me because they disagree with my views. Pleeeeeease. I think people go back and forth as one would expect in a political blog.

    42. Chekote says:

      a person’s belief system guides their political views.

      How? Except for social issues. Did Jesus say something about limited vs. big government? If he did, I must have missed it.

    43. Tommy_Boy says:

      Two buffalo giants have passed away in the past year…Russert and Kemp. Lived in Buffalo for a little bit, they’ll name another highway after JK just as they did for TR.

    44. Tommy_Boy says:

      Operation K-9 sends patriotic packages to overseas troops

      “Beth White, 46, a chemistry and earth environmental science teacher at West Henderson High School, started the ministry for service dogs last May to provide support for the 600 to 800 military dog teams on active duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. Since then, White and other supporters of American soldiers and the war dogs that protect them have sent 305 care packages to 128 military service dogs and 131 canine handlers.

      A Memorial Day shipment to 14 K-9 teams is scheduled to leave May 11 for the Middle East. Boxes will be filled with snack food and other items soldiers appreciate. Boxes for their dogs: will include rope pulls, dog toys and bones, and canine cooling bandanas made by Tammy Shook, a member of Mud Creek Baptist Church, which sponsors Operation K-9.

      A special addition to the May shipment will be 10 brightly colored American flags, hand-traced on poster board. Sophie Christiano, a senior at WHHS, helped color the flags. Office Max made the seals and the state flags that adorn each poster.

      Each flag is filled with signatures from friends and family from across America who support Operation K-9.

      Of special note, the flags include a message from Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, whose son recently left for active duty: “God Bless,” Palin wrote boldly on each flag. She was thankful to be included in this opportunity to express her gratitude and prayer for the military men and women, White says.”

    45. Brandon says:

      #44. Because God was a Republican. DUH!

    46. Tommy_Boy says:

      Only around 300 more three-pointers before Ray Allen passes Reggie Miller for #1 all-time for three-pointers made…that should happen sometime in the 2010-2011 regular season.

    47. Tommy_Boy says:


      Late request for today’s Rasmussen’s crosstabs, heh heh. Frank didn’t check in with his analysis.

    48. Brandon says:

      Rasmussen didn’t post them today for some reason. He’s been slacking a lot lately. I’m not sure I actually trust the numbers he has right now, his Independent number was really low(41% approval).

    49. lisab says:

      “a person’s belief system guides their political views.”

      for example, those who oppose waterboarding believe it is wrong to torture

      those who believe it is ok, believe either it is not torture or it is justified

      it need not have anything to do with Jesus, but one belief system in the world does come from him

    50. Aaron_in_TX says:

      This site is really interesting regarding the news industry in general.

      People on here stereotype all newspapers based on the New York Times, Washington Post, and a few other big “liberal” papers. I read the NYT fairly often, but mostly for international and arts coverage, and the book review and travel sections. I don’t really care for their opinion or political coverage.

      However, they are not the only newsspapers dying – so are hometown papers like the Kerrville Daily Times or the Jackson Clarion-Ledger. Costs are just getting too high and they can’t raise their rates. I think that’s a lamentable loss, since those local outlets are not going to be replaced. New York Times has the #5 rated news website, and its columnists like Thomas L. Friedman or Paul Krugman write best selling books. Even if the print edition stops, it will continue on in some form. Although I don’t know what Rush Limbaugh will do without it, since his show is often based on arguing over NYT headlines.

      Cable news is opinion driven. It’s entertainment masquerading as news. MSNBC has moved to the left as noted by the report and its doubled their ratings.

      Fox is good at getting regular watchers for their headline opinion shows. And without the election all cable networks are bleeding viewers badly.

      NPR’s listenership has grown by 75% this decade, so liberals aren’t going away just moving elsewhere. However, they devote 20% of their programming to international news, far more than anyone else, which I think is a great thing. Too much news obsesses with politics – up to 60% on cable news and even more on talk radio.

      I think there’s value in a broad cross-section of the news and the in-depth reporting provided by newspapers. The “on-demand” nature and lack of standards associated with the internet is problematic.

    51. lisab says:

      a person’s belief system, which may or may not be religion based, largely defines who that person is.

      insulting someone simply because of their religion is akin to insulting someone because you do not like their race or sexuality.

    52. Aaron_in_TX says:

      My question is, if the “mainstream” outlets (network news, NYT) die (or become niche publications like Time or Newsweek already have) will people like Glen Beck, etc become the new mainstream?

    53. Chekote says:


      So when TimV asked me why I hated Jesus, he was insulting my religion (Catholic) right?

    54. lisab says:

      i do not know, perhaps he thinks or thought that your generally bigoted tone towards Christians means that you do hate Jesus.

      however, had you not generally been insulting towards Christians he most likely would not have asked that — assuming he did.

    55. jeffp says:

      Do you think Obama watches 24? He should…he could learn alot.

      Also, I met Jack Kemp with my congressman Mike Pence last summer. It was an honor to meet him. I supported him in his failed campaign for President. Glad I had the opportunity to meet him a fundraiser for an inner city home for pregnant woman in Indianapolis, run by a local church. He was doing very well then…very personable and he said to me he was doing the Lord’s work that night. Well done good and faithful servant.

    56. lisab says:

      actually i petition that we ALL go back to sticking on topic on threads …

      and have an OPEN thread at all times for side converesations like we used to do

      however, it only works if the majority agree

    57. Chekote says:

      You know lisab, I have never said to Christians that is stupid to believe that Jesus was the son of God. That’s attacking Christians. Telling people that when I go to a politcal meeting I expect to hear about politics and not religion it not an attack on Christians. So what exactly have I said that was an attack on Christians?

    58. Chekote says:

      Kemp was a good man. I am sure his family will miss him a lot.

    59. jeffp says:

      Religion & Governing- they have always gone together from the founding of this country. Not religion and politics (the art of getting elected and your political viewpoint). Even deists Franklin and Jefferson acknowledged the Providence of God as important to this process. They new the importance of the Magna Carta to England. The founders referred to the God of Israel,Jehovah, Christ etc… There is a lie that is taught of what separation of church and state means today and most of our population has bought into it, from what the founders taught and believed.

    60. lisab says:

      again it need not be specifically Christians, and it is not directed specifically at you.

      as i said, a person’s belief system, which may be aligned to some Christian church but certainly could be atheist or Hindu or Jain as well, largely defines their political views.

      to use an example, if Eph says he is against abortion because he is orthodox , that is his belief. he is fully entitled to vote that way. if the super majority of people in the usa decide that we should be a Jewish nation and follow Jewish law, it is fully within the people’s rights to vote that way.

      likewise, if the super majority of the country wish to outlaw religion or references to religion on a specific blo, political or otherwise, that can also be done within our constitution.

    61. Chekote says:

      actually i petition that we ALL go back to sticking on topic on threads …

      I will happily sign it.

    62. JulStol says:

      I will NOT sign that petition

    63. lisab says:

      why Julston?

      my reasoning is that every thread seems to be an open thread these days — the top thread becomes the open thread, even if it has a topic.

      i suggest, that it would be better to keep an Open Thread on top at all times, where people could talk about whatever, with more focused threads on specific topics below.

    64. Tommy_Boy says:


      I’m with Jul on this one…this blog works differently than others in that it’s so laidback. Forcing people to stay on topic will take away from the distinctive style of the HHR family.

    65. Tim V says:

      i suggest, that it would be better to keep an Open Thread on top at all times, where people could talk about whatever, with more focused threads on specific topics below.

      Comment by lisab

      if you did that, every other thread would be an open thread. as it is now all threads are open threads.the posters prefer to use the most current top thread…
      to me that is just fine…

      as for chek- let her whine and bit*h.

      she wants a party that is secular and she wants hedge to be secular…

      i suggest to her that she may want to move along because neither (at least for now)is going to happen.

      she is on her own personal crusade to remove anti-abortion and opposition to gay marriage from being any part of the gop platform.

      to push her adgenda-a more secular world-she has adopted the religion of capitalism

      i suggest she spend more time at blogs that promote secularism…and capitalism combined…that seems to be her ideal model…

      im sure there are plently of blogs that are in agreement with that combo

      put she seems to like to”stir the drink” so to speak and agitate trying to start fights…

      she has PO’ed most people here with Brandon as her key ally who is also secular…

      i would just as soon she go somewhere else

      her modus operondi has become tiresome… and distracting…

      plants need water to live…my advice is to not feed it and it will go away..

    66. lisab says:

      Tim V,

      there is something called a sticky thread, that will always float on top …


      we could just agree to use the open thread as the open thread and not go off topic

    67. lisab says:

      as for chekote, if she is pro-abortion or if she wants to be completely secular that is her opinion.

      however, if others are religious, such as yourself or Eph, that is also your free choice.

      for example, torture. if tm the toady does not want it because the latest dem talking point says he should not want it, and that all terrorists should be given a gm car and foodstamps, that is his free choice. if i as a muslim woman think that all terrorists should have their heads cut off because the koran says so, that is also fine under our constitution.

      if some people do not want to discuss a religious post, then don’t go to that thread.

    68. Aaron_in_TX says:

      The format as it is now probably is fine. Many blogs digress from the topic after 20-40 posts, sometimes less. It’s not really something that can be controlled. Imposing stricter standards will probably just reduce interest.

    69. Tim V says:

      the problem is not with open or not open threads, the problem is with chek-she has stirred up strife here… it is what she does…

    70. Aaron_in_TX says:

      I had a colleague, now graduated, whose axiom of history was: “Religious debates always end in violence.” Lol.

      People get worked up about religion; I try not to go there. I’ll defend believers against non-believers all day, but beyond that it’s pretty pointless to try to change someone’s mind.

    71. Tim V says:

      chek seeks to sow discord.i am through with her.

    72. Tim V says:

      Frowardness [is] in his heart, he deviseth mischief continually; he soweth discord.
      Pro 6:19 A false witness [that] speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.

      ask not who the verse applies to- it applies to thee oh chekote…

    73. Diogenes says:

      My so-called libertarian friend also tried to push the same arguments Chekote does: that republicans should drop the whole social-conservative thing and go straight libertarian.

      Of course, he is an idiot that spends all day on reddit and listens to people who reinforce his assumptions. (I know its ironic because I’m stating this on a very conservative blog, but I do frequent a ton of news aggregators). He also tends to be very passive and anti-social: his morality is simply non-confrontation.

      I feel that is Chekote’s problem too.

      Pure libertarianism DOES NOT WORK. Free of a large government, people need to be productive, rear children, and form honest relationships with one another in order to be happy and sustain society.

      Like it or not, the beliefs held by social conservatives provide a pretty good framework for these things, and these beliefs accomplish goals far better than socially liberal beliefs.

      It’s also not good policy (See the 17th century dutch) or winning politics (Libertarians are just as likely to vote democrats because many are single-issue voters who love pot).

    74. Tim V says:

      chekote vs eph
      chekote vs tim v
      chekote vs lisab
      chekote vs tommy boy
      chekote vs mdelf

      see a pattern here ?

      she seeks to sew discord. ignore her and she will go away.


    75. Tim V says:

      chekote is a secularist that wants us all to be secular.she would be more comfortable with ron paul republicans…

    76. Tim V says:

      google chekote and abortions

      she is all over the internet trying to preach her secular message

    77. Tim V says:

      here is a secular quote i have for you chekote: “He that troubleth his own house shall inherit the wind”

      you have troubled HHR…

      so enjoy the wind…

    78. Tim V says:

      and that is my sermon for the day…

    79. Tim V says:

      So when TimV asked me why I hated Jesus, he was insulting my religion (Catholic) right?

      Comment by Chekote

      you are NOT a Catholic. you may have been raised a catholic but the god you worship is the one whose face you see in the mirror.

    80. Tim V says:

      the catholic church teaches against abortion. you support abortion in the first tri-mester. since you disagree with the catholic church, you do not belong to the catholic church.

    81. Tim V says:

      the religion that you believe in is the god according to chekote which is the god most americans worship ie god that fits their world view and forgives any sins they may have…

      the god of self, that is your god.

    82. Tim V says:

      now i am done and i will NOT respond to your counterattacks…

    83. Tim V says:

      one last parting shot: Pro 18:2 A fool hath no delight in understanding, but that his heart may discover itself.

    84. Frank says:

      Rasmussen had an outlier yesterday.

      They are back to 56/43.

      The outlier appears to be among independents. They have ballooned up to 48/49.

      Update of numbers will have to wait until tomorrow.


    85. Frank says:


      A week ago or so, I predicted that President Obama would state that his recovery act has saved jobs. Well, last week the President announced that he saved 150,000 jobs during his press conference.

      They are debating it on Fox Business.


    86. jones says:

      AFA as format; HHR has 2 seasons- tourist season where we get lotsof traffic and visitors near elections and “off” where the regulars sit and talk about how good candy tastes or whatever.

      I don’t feel the need to maintain thread discipline among regulars during off season. Until Dave speaks otherwise, I think we are fine.

    87. Libertarian girl says:

      i love waking up and watching the sunday morning political talk shows:)

    88. Chekote says:

      Like it or not, the beliefs held by social conservatives provide a pretty good framework for these things, and these beliefs accomplish goals far better than socially liberal beliefs.

      I am very conservative in the way I run my life. My question to you is what do you want politicians to do about moral values? What legislation should be proposed to promote moral values?

    89. Chekote says:

      you are NOT a Catholic.

      So now you are the assigned gatekeeper for the Catholic Church? Be careful not to put too much on your plate.

    90. Chekote says:

      the catholic church teaches against abortion. you support abortion in the first tri-mester. since you disagree with the catholic church, you do not belong to the catholic church.

      Comment by Tim V —

      I didn’t realize that the Catholic Church was the state religion of the USA. Italy has tried that and it hasn’t worked out too well for the Catholic Church. Most people don’t even go to church there anymore. That’s what happens you use government to FORCE religion down people’s throat.

    91. Tim V says:

      chek, this is the answer you will get from me on all of your questions.


    92. Tim V says:

      or if you prefer 2.11