CT: Dodd Ahead Of Simmons By 5%

    It has been a while since the leftist website Daily Kos put out a new poll with Research 2000, but they have a new one showing Democratic incumbent US Senator Chris Dodd ahead of Republican Rob Simmons by 5%.

    US SENATE – CONNECTICUT (Daily Kos/R2000)
    Chris Dodd (D-inc) 45%
    Rob Simmons (R) 40%

    Chris Dodd (D-inc) 51%
    Sam Caligiuri (R) 30%

    Chris Dodd (D-inc) 53%
    Larry Kudlow (R) 31%

    Kudlow did announce today he is not interested in running for this seat. The poll also included a look ahead to 2012 when the man Democrats wanted one heartbeat away from the Presidency a mere eight years ago, Joe Lieberman, is up for re-election.

    US SENATE – CONNECTICUT – 2012 (Daily Kos/R2000)
    Jodi Rell (R) 42%
    Ned Lamont (D) 30%
    Joe Lieberman (I-inc) 25%

    Jodi Rell (R) 43%
    Dick Blumenthal (D) 28%
    Joe Lieberman (I-inc) 25%

    This poll was done March 23-25 among 600 likely voters.

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    78 Responses to “CT: Dodd Ahead Of Simmons By 5%”

    1. Howard Dean says:


      I LOVE it!!!!

      Give MI, Ca, NJ and now CT, what they deserve!!


    2. Brandon says:

      This poll seem wayyyy off. 2008 Exit polls have 43D/28R/31I. However, this poll says 41D/21R/38I. I think they decided to substitute some Independents in for Republicans so Dodd wouldn’t look so bad…

    3. lisab says:

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    4. Tommy_Boy says:


      hahahah, Ali Research 2K is turning into a joke. He took a dive for Dodd and the liberals. That disparity is such a joke.

      So is Jodi Rell even more popular than her 71% approval rating as there would be more Republicans polled for a non-dive poll? Rell, Crist, and Palin were the only three new GOP governors elected in 2006 I believe…they’ve all been able to outpace their democrat peers in remaining well-liked among their constituents.

    5. Brandon says:

      I think with the right weights, or something even close to the 2008 exit polls, it would bring it in line with the Quinnipiac poll which showed essentially a tossup. Plus, a 47-40 favorable split is very hard to believe…

    6. MDefl says:

      Dodd is in deep trouble if he is only ahead by 5 in a Kos sponsored poll. We can take Dodd out! I would also add Conrad, Gillebrand, Burris and Lincoln to the list.

      I am much more positive on the Senate than I was a few months back.

    7. Brent T says:

      Interesting to see what that poll would be like withoug Lieberman. Not sure how his vote would be split.

    8. Erich Heyssel says:

      Actually, Rell was an incumbent and Gibbons of Nevada was also a new GOP Governor, as was Otter in Idaho.

    9. Tommy_Boy says:

      Anyone catch the hilarious SurveyUSA Obama polls? hahahah

      So these clowns have Obama less popular in Wisconsin and Virginia than they do in Kentucky, Kansas, and Missouri.

    10. Tommy_Boy says:


      I stand corrected then…the class of 2006 still looks pretty strong with Palin, Crist, and Otter (all Republican holds if they run according to Sabato).

      Gibbons can still pull it out though Sabato doesn’t seem to give him much love as he has Nevada a toss-up without Gibbons but a lean Dem takeover with Gibbons.

    11. KnightHawk says:

      lisab – If you throw in a slap chop and a sham wow! you’ve got yourself a deal!

    12. KnightHawk says:

      #10 – Could be KS,KY, and MO knew what to expect, perhaps VA and WI folks were a bit more fooled? Just a thought, probably not a good one, lol.

    13. Brandon says:

      California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) told the Sacramento Bee he would not be a candidate in 2010.

      Said Schwarzenegger: “I am not running for anything, so no one could threaten me, because I’m not running for Senate, I’m not running for Congress, I’m not running for another term as governor.”

    14. KnightHawk says:

      Not sure he could get elected to anything at this point.

    15. Tim V says:

      market re-cap: another good day for the bulls.

      of the stocks i watched today: leading point gainers: GOOG +8,BBY +4, POT +6,CMG +3

      leading % gainers : diga +18%, BBY and GM +13%, CHS =10%

      broad based rally

      qqqq- running into 6 month resistance at about 31.50. a decisive move above that level would be quite bullish. failure to break through may establish a triple top, double bottom trading range…

      that’s it for me for today…( I hope)

    16. Chekote says:

      There is no reason for the market to rally. We got lousy jobless numbers. Oh wait! Best Buy’s earnings are up. WOW! Could it be because its primary competition (Circuit City) went out of business!! Duh!

    17. Brandon says:

      As Lincoln Chafee celebrates his 56th birthday today, a source tells WRNI that he has decided to run for governor in 2010, and will soon begin to assemble a campaign organization.

      Chafee is traveling outside of the United States and he couldn’t be reached for immediate comment.

      Sources close to Chafee generally stuck to the party line that the former Republican senator-turned independent is seriously considering a run for governor.

    18. Phil says:

      If this poll doesn’t show how deep a hole the GOP is in New England….down by this much to a crook like Chris Dodd after he’s taken hit after hit after hit…..

      Maybe if Dodd committed rape in broad daylight on video…he MIGHT, MIGHT be even.


      What a dumb country we live in.

    19. KnightHawk says:

      Wake me when we’re at 10k will you. (not that it’s not nice to see the markets up week over week)

    20. Chekote says:

      And this guy is considered one of the GOP’s future stars?!

      GOP lawmaker flips on AIG bonus tax

      What a clown! Cantor too!

    21. Chekote says:


      Remember Alaska? The GOP nominated Stevens even though he was under indictment. Once these clowns are in, there are in!!!!!!

    22. MDefl says:


      It is a KOS poll!!!! It is great news! C’mon man, cheerup.


      I heard Paul Ryan discuss the AIG votes. He told Bill Bennett that the GOP wanted it passed because they did not want Pelosi to label the GOP the party of AIG. He wanted them to own the vote for the future. If it didn’t pass, then they could worm out of responsibility. According to Ryan, they knew in the House that it would never pass the Senate.

    23. Brandon says:

      Yeah Phil, this poll has so many problems regarding its composition, some have been noted above.

    24. KnightHawk says:

      Phil it’s not called rape any more it’s now a voluntary emergency sperm release contingency operation.

    25. Tim V says:

      20- …sets stcok alert for 10k dow,with reminder to wake up the slumbering knighthawk, a nocturnal bird…

      tosses him a moth for dinner…

    26. lisab says:

      hey … can we use card check to unionize for profit abortion clinics?

    27. MDefl says:

      You guys should learn more about Paul Ryan. You would really like him. The msm knows he could be the real deal and wants to preemptively destroy him so that Barry will not have to face a new, fresh face in 12. Don’t fall for the trick.

    28. MDefl says:

      B-B-B-B barry and his thugs! Has a nice ring to it like the old Elton song.

    29. Tommy_Boy says:

      It begins…I’m hoping for Barry sweat under the pressure of $80/$100 barrel of oil this summer.

      Oil watchers see stage being set for surging prices

    30. lisab says:

      jack ryan is better

    31. KnightHawk says:

      #30 – I have been, see him more of a up and comer then cantor.

    32. KnightHawk says:

      Tommy at $100 oil we’ll be talking about seizing Big Oil and their ‘windfall’ profits, mark it down.

    33. Chekote says:


      Enough already!

    34. lisab says:

      “Tommy at $100 oil we’ll be talking about seizing Big Oil and their ‘windfall’ profits, mark it down.”

      well we could always talk about

      Big Abortion …

      i wonder if they have franchise opportunities?

    35. MDefl says:

      Barry sets the environment for higher energy costs (cap n trade, no to drilling for oil, gas and no to nuclear), then will hit the oil comps with a punative tax. He is a thug.

    36. lisab says:

      why couldn’t you use card check to unionize abortion clinics?

      don’t abortion clinic workers deserve

      workplace safety,
      better benefits,
      higher wages,
      and job security?

    37. lisab says:

      look for the union label baby!

    38. KnightHawk says:

      lisab it was funny, at first, enough.

    39. knova_red says:

      lisa must have already hit the jack’s hard apple cider or whatever it was she was talking about a few nights ago.

    40. lisab says:

      spring vacation … 🙂

      seriously though … why can’t card check be used for any industry?

      what is good for the goose …

      certainly you can’t expect me to believe card check might be bad for business?

    41. lisab says:

      does acorn have a union?

    42. Tommy_Boy says:


      Views on Obama’s budget

      39/27 positive/negative

    43. lisab says:

      Tommy Boy,

      what did you expect?

      at least 40% of the people in the usa stand to gain money from the public coffers under obama

    44. KnightHawk says:

      acorn is a union 😉

    45. KnightHawk says:

      I’m surprised those numbers aren’t higher, I suspect it’s because even those on the take and wanting to remain there understand this budget is bloated.

    46. MDefl says:

      It should be 3 to 1 in his favor considering that he is only 65 days in office. Those numbers are not good for Barry and the thugs.

    47. lisab says:

      oh … case in point … i was working with a troubled teen … she had no health insurance or family or money or job or anything like that … but she had severe problems …

      anyway, she got taken to the hospital by the police … and ended up in their psych ward for a week or so …

      they sent her emergency room bill to me!!! $1,500 …

      so i called them and told them “no freakin way” and they were all upset until they found out she was homeless … and then it was … “oh … no problem …”

      and that is not even including her hospital stay .. or her medicine … which was $551 per month!!! all on the public dime …

      i otoh recently had a blood test … $30 dollars …

    48. lisab says:


      shouldn’t all those “volunteers” get paid?

      don’t they deserve benefits?

      i think you are a secret member of the bourgeoisie

    49. Tim V says:


      Enough already!

      Comment by Chekote

      this site supports FREE SPEECH chek, even from kb,tim.aatx,and hello dolly.


    50. lisab says:

      “i otoh recently had a blood test … $30 dollars …”

      and i have insurance … and it was thirty bucks …

      what is this country coming to when people have to pay for their own health care?

    51. lisab says:

      Tim V,

      she’s oppressing me!

    52. Chekote says:

      Tim V

      We all know how you “feel” about lisab. But for many of us she just drones on and on and on.

    53. Chekote says:

      Or may some of us. Or maybe it is just me but the joke is old. Very old. Tim V and Lisab got get a room. Oh wait! Neither of you would cheat on your spouses. Sorry. I forgot.

    54. Tommy_Boy says:

      The budget could be Obama’s demise if we play this right…but I have no confidence that the media will allow us to take advantage here.

      The media will carry Obama through the budget battle…

    55. lisab says:

      of course i would not cheat on my spouse …

      (tom selleck is still unavailable right?)

    56. KnightHawk says:

      “shouldn’t all those “volunteers” get paid?”

      Nah, because essentially it’s a trade, each is performing a service for the other… wanted or not. 😉

    57. KnightHawk says:

      “i think you are a secret member of the bourgeoisie”

      lol,I do hold many secrets though.

      #57 – Like they have every other.

    58. House Sparrow says:

      Simmons only being down by 5 in a Kos poll is a good thing. Dodd is looking more like toast every day. Other than the party registration edge in CT, Dodd has nothing going for him and everything against him.

      Hopefully, Gov. Rell will run in 2012. Two Republican Senators in Connecticut by 2012 would be sweet. Maybe it would silence some of the “Republican party is dead in the Northeast” talk.

    59. Brandon says:

      Media starting to attack Christie:

      Election records show Chris Christie previously gave campaign donor large contract
      by The Associated Press
      Thursday March 26, 2009, 3:39 PM

      New Jersey election commission records indicate former U.S. Attorney Christopher Christie has accepted campaign cash toward his race for governor from a lawyer he previously awarded a multimillion-dollar contract and his partners.

      Election Law Enforcement Commission records show Christie took $23,800 in donations this year from principals of Stern & Kilcullen of Roseland and their spouses.
      Of course, this is all perfectly legal, and really nothing unethical either. Just the media trying to take down an up and coming Republican.

    60. KnightHawk says:

      Remember Brandon it’s only bad when Republicans do it. Section 4, title 2, paragraph 3 in the play book.

    61. Chekote says:

      The media is already talking about the economy recovering. Any positive stats will be cheered endlessly.

    62. Chekote says:

      Young Frankenstein is on. One of the silliest but funny movies ever made.

    63. Tommy_Boy says:

      This Place is Dead tonight…WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE!!! hahah

    64. Brandon says:

      I AM OUTRAGED!!!!!!!

    65. Tommy_Boy says:

      Oil up to $54/barrel…some Romney-bot toasted me on another site because I said that Palin fans should be cheering the increased oil prices.

      Look at it this way, the higher these prices get, the higher the gas prices, the greater the anger directed at Obama for engaging in his social engineering environmental policies. Higher prices=higher Obama disapproval ratings….higher Obama disapproval ratings=greater chance of sending him back to his Rezko house in Chicago in 2012. Palin just happens to be the beneficiary of Obama’s social environmental engineering….just sayin’

    66. Tommy_Boy says:

      $5/gas, baby, $5/gas

      That’s worth 5-7 disapproval points there, hahaha.

    67. Brandon says:

      Siena will be releasing a new NY-20 poll tomorrow morning.

    68. Brandon says:

      DNC Enters the Fray in NY-20

      The Democratic National Committee and the Obama White House are doubling down in a New York special election with a new ad in which the president offers an endorsement of Democrat Scott Murphy.

      Obama himself does not appear in the ad nor is his voice heard. Instead, a picture of him is shown as a narrator says: “Upstate New Yorkers deserve someone with the right skills to represent them in Washington. That’s why President Obama is supporting Scott Murphy for Congress.”

    69. Tommy_Boy says:

      Obama is taking a risk…the fact that he’s in the race now will inflame the base. Not sure if the base will be enough in upstate New York but Tedisco should be able to peel off enough indies to hold on for a narrow one.

      My feeling on this one is going from Murphy to Tedisco…bring it on Barack.

    70. Brandon says:

      I think the race is a pure tossup with the result being +/- 3 points either way.

    71. bonncaruso says:

      You know, thinking that a republican is going to win a senate seat in CT is pretty much like thinking that a democrat is going to win a senate seat in UT. This is plain old nonsense.

      Guys, this states is fool’s gold for the GOP.

      Obama just won this state with 60.59% of the popular vote and swamped McCain’s 38.22% with a 22.37% winning margin, very comparable to McCain’s win in AL. Did anyone here think that Obama was going to win AL? Are there any democratic senators from AL? No.

      You can rejoice all you want over wavering polls for Dodd now, 1 and 1/2 years before the 2010 elections, but on election day in 2010, after having flirted with the GOP as both Connecticut and New Jersey usually do, voters in CT will vote reliably democratic.

      Dodd will win in a landslide. Why? Here’s why:

      Dodd’s worst showing in an election was in 1980, during the “Reagan Revolution”, where Dodd landslided with 56.34% over Buckley’s 42.91%, a +13.43% winning margin, and this was his WORST showing ever in electoral politics as a nominated candidate. In 2004, Dodd won with 66.35% to Orchulli’s 32.13%, a +34.22% blowout margin, slightly higher than his +32.78% margin blowout over Gary Franks in 1998, which was also considerably larger than his 1992 margin of +20.69%. So, regardless of administration in the WH, republican or democratic, Dodd has always won in landslides in his homestate, both in the senate and before in CT’s 2nd congressional district.

      Those are the statistics and they are undeniable. Even if the GOP prepares a massive and costly onslaught against Dodd, he has enough core support to bring him over 50% even on his worst day. It’s that simple.

      But what the hey, if the GOP wants to waste the resources, more power to it.

    72. Tim V says:

      bonn there IS a new thread above 🙂

    73. bonncaruso says:

      Oh, did I miss a thread. Sometimes it’s hard to get through all that GOP ranting and raving that has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the original title of the post, which in this case is:

      “CT: Dodd Ahead Of Simmons By 5%”

      And Dave: yes, KOS is a leftist website, but this does not mean that the polls they commission are somewhat partisan or twisted. Indeed, a comparison of RK2 polls before the GE in 2008 with the actual results shows that this pollster was more on target than even Rasmussen.

    74. Tim V says:

      lisa my friend, sometimes you DO prattle on a bit 🙂

      hey sometimes i do too…

      chek, i can’t flirt with ya if ya attack me… 🙂