McCain Leads In Two National Polls

    Granted it is only 1% in each poll, but the fact that McCain is garnering a higher percentage in two national polls, especially in light of the media love affair with Barack Obama, is simply amazing. The Rasmussen daily tracking poll was mentioned by many this morning and for the first time, John McCain garnered a higher percentage than Barack Obama since the end of the primaries.

    PRESIDENT – NATIONAL (Rasmussen)
    John McCain (R) 47%
    Barack Obama (D) 46%

    Now, Democrat John Zogby is out with a new poll tonight that also shows John McCain ahead of Obama by 1%.

    John McCain (R) 42%
    Barack Obama (D) 41%
    Ralph Nader (I) 2%
    Bobb Barr (L) 2%

    Even more amazing in this Zogby poll is one month ago, Zogby claimed Obama held a 10% lead over McCain. This poll July 31-August 1 among 1011 likely voters.

    Now I rarely post national polls at this point since they really don’t mean anything when it comes to the Electoral College. But John McCain went nearly three months without leading in any national poll and now within a week, he has been ahead now in three national polls (USAT/Gallup. Rasmussen, and Zogby).

    As the old cliche goes – Once is an anomaly, twice is a coincidence, three times is a trend….

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    1. Howard Dean says:

      Not even an unprecedented puch by the msm can prop this disaster up.

      The msm’s influence (electronic and print)isn’t what it used to be.


    2. Howard Dean says:


    3. Aaron_in_TX says:

      I like to see how now everyone loves Zogby when he shows a poll with McCain leading, even if it’s numbers are way off everyone else’s. Normally you guys talk about Zogby like he’s a democratic B****

    4. knova_red says:

      This is actually unfortunate that McCain has gone ahead this early. Obama now HAS to name Hillary as his VP which will change the dynamic and the polls quickly. Or worse, the supers change their votes to back Hillary.

    5. Benni says:

      GO john go!!!

    6. Aaron_in_TX says:

      “Obama now HAS to name Hillary as his VP”

      Not gonna happen.

    7. MikeKS says:


    8. Howard Dean says:

      I like to see how now everyone loves Zogby when he shows a poll with McCain leading, even if it’s numbers are way off everyone else’s.


      Do you often see things that don’t exist?

    9. Howard Dean says:

      MikeKS, Explain to me how sebelius fools enough people to get elected in KS?

      Serioulsy, how?

    10. Michael says:

      It is beyond my comprehension that libs here actually think Americans would elect a inexperienced, arrogant, appeasing lefty when in the recent past they rejected two much more experienced, arrogant, appeasing lefty’s. What is with the Dems and Presidential elections? Do they like to lose?

    11. Aaron_in_TX says:

      “Do you often see things that don’t exist”

      I do see Zogby with strage numbers. What do you see? Everyone else is showing Both Mac and BO 46-47.

    12. Howard Dean says:

      Obama is now saying he was NEVER against OCS drilling!

      Will the msm call him on it?

    13. Phil says:


      No, we still don’t like Zogby. He’s a hack.

    14. maelstrom says:

      Can HRC still contend for the nomination? If he continues to drop in the polls for the next three weeks, can she make a play? How bad would it have to be for the supers to abandon him?

    15. Eph says:

      BRING …


      BILLARY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    16. Eph says:

      10) H-Dean.

      I ask the same thing to my fellow Arizonans about J-No.

      They run as RINO’s. Then when they get into office they govern as far left idiots.

    17. CambridgeRep says:

      Were any white women included in these polls? If so, they should be tossed. (White women were obviously scared to death by the “Celebrity” ad that Obama is a sexual predator out to get them, and therefore their opinions have fluctuated.)

    18. CambridgeRep says:

      Obama is just a bad candidate, pure and simple.

      A cardboard cutout of the Hamburgler would be running ahead in the polls at this point if a “D” were attached to his name.

      Everyone knows that parties rarely win three presidential elections in a row.

      Everyone knows that a bad economy spells death for the incumbent party.

      Everyone knows that McCain is a racist war-monger who was present at the birth of Methuselah and who personally brings the blood of the freshly killed baby seals every time Bush and Cheney hold one of their demonic rituals.

      So why is this guy SINKING?!

    19. michael corleone says:

      Obama will pass McCain again soon, unless McCain attacks Obama’s foolish rebate plan as unadulterated redistribution of wealth.

    20. rdelbov says:

      I wonder if the Press read the article I linked on people lying to pollsters?

      could these numbers be worse?

    21. Dan says:

      This has everything to do with McCain being able to insulate himself from the decaying carcus that is the Republican brand.

    22. steven says:

      i like that ad, howard put up from you tube McCain needs to make it a national ad

    23. Michael says:

      “This has everything to do with McCain being able to insulate himself from the decaying carcus that is the Republican brand.” Dan is just so so clever.

    24. michael corleone says:


      It is partly due to McCain insulating himself from Republicans. But the R brand is slowly improving as Nancy Pelosi’s Politburo refuses to vote on drilling.

    25. L TePaske says:

      #19 Yes Senator Obama is a bad candidate, so why are you going to vote for him?

    26. L TePaske says:

      I bet GM and Ford didn’t know that all they needed to do was include an air gauge with each sale. Vote McCain and save the American Auto Industry. Vote Republican and DRILL.

    27. Howard Dean says:

      the decaying carcus that is the Republican brand.

      Comment by Dan — 8/4/2008 @

      What is a carcus, Dan?

    28. MOhammad says:

      Go McCain!!!! Down with the imposter negro!

    29. MOhammad says:

      Keep up the attacks John – that wuss Hussein is about to get knocked out. Hussein is reeling now, just need one good haymaker to end this thing!

    30. Howard Dean says:

      Clean up leftwing troll on aisle #30.

    31. L TePaske says:

      #30 he knows a spanish word, racist troll that he is.

    32. MOhammad says:

      I’m tellling you – one more blow and Hussein will not recover. We have all the advantages now. He’s on his heels, any response attach will look pathetic. We get to announce VP second, we get the convention second, and time is on our side. Hussein is fading just like he did in the primary. He got lucky then that hillary started her comeback too late. We have started our comeback just in time. Conservative enthusiasm will return and Hussein’s youngsters will again focus on their usual things like drinking and whatever they do.

    33. Michael says:

      Mohammad is weird like Cory and Harry.

    34. Jason Levine says:

      Um, what are the electoral vote estimates? The only question is by how much Obama will win. McCain is an awful candidate. Just like Holy Ronald, Obama will surge in October once he looks acceptably presidential in the debates next to Gramps McSame. I just hope that all the traitorous neoCONS that talk smack about President Barack Hussein Obama move to a more amenable place, like Fascist Russia!

    35. Jason Levine says:

      By the way, it must be the elitist neoCONS talking smack about the tire air pressure saving gas comment. Just ask your redneck NASCAR brethren, or the Governor of California or Florida if you want to be educated on an actual way to save many many barrels of crude. For God’s sake, like the Grand Oil Party really thinks the American populace is stupid enough to elect another Republican based on the oil issue after 8 years of Bush. BWAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH!!!!

    36. Jason Levine says:

      You want to talk energy issues, BRING IT ON!

    37. JulStol says:


      That is all 🙂

    38. david says:

      Jason, go ahead and keep convincing youself that….you sound insecured.

    39. Tim says:,8599,1829354,00.html?cnn=yes

      Interesting. Of course, I suffer from no illusion that it will change many minds, here.

    40. Tim says:

      By the way, #30 was over the top.

      While I admire your sentiment about the outcome of the race, none of the Conservatives who post here are “traitors”. They love this Country, just like we do. They just have a different vision of how to fix it.

    41. Tim Van says:

      I must say, I really enjoy reading the comments at this site. There is terrific sarcasm, wonderful humor, brilliant insights, excellent political analysis,partisan attacks,trolls,personal attacks,foolishness, wisdom,and much much more !

      Who could ask for anything more ?

      I nominate comment #19 for the best so far of the day. It includes humor, brilliant political analysis and sarcasm. Nine job Mr. CambridgeRep !!!

    42. Michael says:

      Jason see a doctor pronto!

    43. Bobby says:

      Tim, the problem is no one can afford a tune up when gas is $4 a gallon. It may increase efficency 3% or 4% but its not alleviating any pain at the pump for consumers.

    44. Tim Van says:


      Welcome to the hedgehog report.:) You sound like a very intelligent, highly educated,sophisticated Obama supporter. With your logical and passionate discourse, I am sure that you will be able to help some of the neocons here “see the light.”(sarc)

    45. Joe says:

      Modern cars do not need tune ups anymore. The big O is looking very desperate. Let him keep giving McCain soundbites.

    46. MOhammad says:

      i am not weird, thank you. i am a passionate conservative and i am mad as heck that my fellow conservatives aren’t as excited as me! Pardon me for getting excited. We have taken the lead and will not relinquish it!