McCain Hammers Obama On Ignoring Wounded Tropps

    John McCain is hammering Obama on his refusal to visit the wounded troops in Germany in order to spend more time playing basketball.

    I have actually seen this ad at least five times in the hour I have been awake – yet none of them were paid ad spots. The ad is being shown during “news” segments on the various cable and network morning shows today. Interestingly, the consensus even among the leftist pundits on the air is that Obama screwed up on this particular issue.

    I forget where I heard it, but Obama could have easily gone by himself (and his security detail), rented a car by himself, told the press that he didn’t want any media to follow him, and gone to visit the troops on his own. That way, he could have easily claimed this was not a photo op (since he was telling the press to stay away) at the same time made himself look good.

    On a side note, McCain really needs ot get a new voiceover guy for his ads. Maybe it is just me, but I can’t stand his voice….

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    1. rdelbov says:

      great ad and is a blessed morning in America

    2. DWu says:

      Great ad. More please.

      McCain still needs a theme to define himself and a theme to define Obama.

    3. L TePaske says:

      A theme for Obama weather it’s wounded troops or drilling could be–He’s not there for Americans.

    4. sam says:

      Here’s another moronic comment from Rasmussen, trying to equate poll numbers with actual votes.

      “Over the coming week, it will be interesting to see if Obama could open an even bigger lead and move above the 50% level of support. That would be significant both in the context of this campaign and historically. Since Abraham Lincoln was elected as the first Republican President in 1860, the only Democrats to win the White House with a majority of the popular vote have been Franklin D. Roosevelt, Lyndon B. Johnson, and Jimmy Carter.”

      Every Dem candidate in every election cycle has polled over 50% at some point in the race.

      This kind of comment is what is known technically as “pure bull-crap”.

    5. anon says:

      How many injured troops did McCain visit this week?

    6. L TePaske says:

      I don’t believe it was on his scedule but if it wer he would have been there.

    7. Tina says:

      The Obamagasm 2008 Tour of Duty has ended and Obama’s slight lead, will begin to decline by mid to late this week.

    8. Tina says:

      When Ras detected a “bounce” for Obama after day 1, he called it a lead. In the past, he would have said, that it was unclear if it was stat noise.

    9. sam says:

      “How many injured troops did McCain visit this week?”

      Hey clueless, McCain doesn’t have to prove that he supports America and American troops.

      Obama does.

      Deal with it.

    10. Phil says:

      If it was on his schedule he would have been there.

      Exactly, Apparently site seeing and the gym are much higher on the priority list for the chosen one. We already figured that. No video crew allowed, no visit. Your messiah is a sad case.

    11. Brandon says:

      I expect Gallup to show today an even bigger lead for Obama either 8 or 9 points because it is the weekend and his numbers always go up on weekends in Gallup. However, if they don’t go up, this is a bad sign for Obama.

    12. Bobby says:

      I think the most important thing we see among Republicans in that all the polls indicate they are voting with McCain 88%-92% of the time. Obama is getting the low to mid 70%’s among Dem support. McCain seems to have a slight edge among Independents in the battleground states. He is currently almost equal to Bush support in July, and Obama lags Kerry’s numbers by 15 points or so. Indies broke for Kerry in most states, but Obama does not see that trend going towards him yet. McCain is a better place than most people think, especially if R support gets into the 90’s and he can crack 20% among Dems.

      So much for Obamacons?

    13. Bobby says:

      Ras has it 46-41% or 49% to 44% among leaners. The lead is shrinking already.

    14. Robbie says:

      I’m not sure how many of you caught Fox News Sunday, but Bill Kristol had some interesting news on the VP choice for McCain. Kristol hopes it will be Palin, but knows it is very unlikely. Sadly though, Kristol says his sources tell him McCain desperately wants to pick Tom Ridge. Ugh!

    15. Howard Dean says:

      How many injured troops did McCain visit this week?

      Comment by anon — 7/27/2008 @

      Was McCain overseas talking to foreigners, while minutes from a US military hospital?

      Having promised to visit and then rescind?

      Thanks for playing.

      Run along.

    16. Howard Dean says:

      But he also wants to pick Lieberman.

      He knows he can’t, he said no pro-aborts.

    17. KeyBored says:

      What a pathetic ad. McCain trying to make something out of nothing – reflective of his entire campaign. kb

    18. Phil says:

      something out of nothing? That was far from nothing. It was, in fact, very telling.

    19. Howard Dean says:

      From the Dept. of Dems are liars and hypocrites:

      Blackwater Got the Gig Securing Obama in Afghanistan

      July 25, 2008 05:00 PM ET | Paul Bedard | Permanent Link

      Sen. Barack Obama has not been a fan of private police like Blackwater in war zones, and some news outlets even reported that they were spurned for his trip last week to Afghanistan and Iraq. But Whispers confirms that Blackwater did handle the Democratic presidential candidate’s security in Afghanistan and helped out in Iraq. What’s more, Obama was overheard saying: “Blackwater is getting a bad rap.” Since everything appeared to go swimmingly, maybe he will take firms like Blackwater out of his sights, the company’s supporters hope.

    20. Howard Dean says:

      What’s next, Halliburton?

      The Dems have smeared BlackWater for years.

      Wonder how the nutroots are taking this?

    21. Bitterlaw says:

      I was reading some of the transcript of Obama’s speech. I had one slight change that might have gotten him some support from American voters. he should said, “I know that at times my country has not been perfect . . . but at least we didn’t gas people and burn their bodies in massive ovens or line people up, including babies and children, and shoot them so we could bury them in mass graves. F-off you Nazi-loving bastards.” It may have swayed my vote a little bit.

    22. Robbie says:

      Howard Dean

      The comments by Kristol seemed to me to be a trial balloon. The campaign may have been testing the waters through Kristol’s comments. Kristol went on to say he thought McCain could do himself well politically by showing he was a maverick towards Republican orthodoxy. Whatever happens, I’ll still vote for McCain, but I think Ridge might be closer to the choice than we think or hope.

    23. Howard Dean says:

      Gee, I wonder what Rezko is thinking these days?



    24. Harry says:

      23. But you gotta have something credible and verifiable to chirp about. Gulp.

    25. tanda says:

      Barry by nine in Gallup. 49-40

    26. Harry says:

      Gallup49-40. Almost double digits. The overseas trip was a big success for Obama. Contrary to conservative thinking, most Americans don’t want the US at odds with the whole planet.

    27. Howard Dean says:

      It’s too bad we’re in July and not Oct.

      YAWN, we’ve seen this before. Aren’t we due for a CBS/NYT and Newsweek poll showing +15?

      I bet they’re doing their weekend “poll” right now!

    28. Howard Dean says:

      RAS +5.

      Down from previous days.


    29. Harry says:

      Gallup. Nine points. Biggest lead ever.

    30. David says:

      #26, Harry, We should expect a balance after the media frenzy…Yes, we will probably be getting a Newsweek poll out this evening showing a 15 point lead for Obama. Then of course in about three days they will release the breakdown and admit they oversampled Dems.

    31. steven says:

      Gallup Polls have been up and down since they have began tracking, Rasmussen has been most steady;

      2004 election final polls

      Rasmussen: Bush 50.2 Kerry 48.5

      Gallup: Bush 49 Kerry 47

      Actual: Bush 51 Kerry 48

      Rasmussen was the most accurate


    32. Howard Dean says:

      Enjoy July.

      Prepare for many sleepless nights in Sept/Oct, waiting for the tapes to drop.

      Yes, that is plural.

      Nighty night!

    33. Harry says:

      Rasmussen say Obama is winning in many reds states. And winning nationally. McCain doesn’t seem to get out of the low 40’s nationally.

    34. Harry says:

      32. Not the tapes! Not that! Oh my God, the tapes! We give up, it’s hopeless, the tapes! Oh no, anything but the tapes! GGGUUULLLPPPP!

    35. Michael says:

      Harry you are truly weird.

    36. KeyBored says:

      Wow. Big 9 point Gallup lead. While the country wants Obama’s message of change, all McCain can do is change his Depends. kb

    37. Harry says:

      Thank you. Weird to a conservative is normal to everyone else. Ohh, the tapes, the damaging tapes, that don’t exist!

    38. Harry says:

      36. No. He doesn’t change them.

    39. steven says:

      Gallup Polls have been up and down since they have began tracking, Rasmussen has been most steady;

      2004 election final polls

      Rasmussen: Bush 50.2 Kerry 48.5

      Gallup: Bush 49 Kerry 47

      Actual: Bush 51 Kerry 48

      Rasmussen was the most accurate

    40. michael corleone says:


      What exactly is obama’s message of change?

      It is more important for a nation to be feared than liked. Europeans are enamored with obama because he wants to destroy american hegemony. Not a good thing to do given that europeans have been responsible for more death, destruction, totalitarianism, etc in the 20th century.

    41. Michael says:

      No weird is just you Harry. Your lack of cognitive thought is sad.

    42. Harry says:

      39. Gee, if it were 2004 and Bush were running against Kerry that would be useful information.

    43. steven says:

      Harry go look at yourself in the mirror and twitch.

      Looking back at 2004 results can give us an idea of how the pollsters did, to give us some weight on rather or not we should trust them.

      Obama got a bounce, but its sure to come back down, this is an election about 50 state polls,

      this election comes down to ohio, michigan, nevada, colorado, pennsylvania,

      these are the toss up states,

      i think Obama is overpolling in Pennsylvania, i could see him getting beat by 5 points

    44. Garnetspur says:

      #5 anon, if McCain needed to see a wounded solider, all the has to do is wake up, crawl out of bed…go to the mirror and see battle wounds….he is reminded everyday of the sacifice of others, (seeing as he cant raise his arms over his shoulder) …grow the hell up.

    45. Harry says:

      What hegenomy? We are dependent on forces outside the US for our survival. This is a myth. Europe does what it wants now. So does China, Russia, and everywhere else in the world. This is silly. The US doesn’t have the power to back up it’s current policy. What’s Iraq got us but expensive fuel and inflation? Absolutely nothing. The world moves on without us.

    46. Bobby says:

      Harry, thats why gas prices have gone up. WAR FOR OIL. Anyway I don’t see anything on Rasmussen’s websites with Obama up in many red states. The sad thing is Harry sounds like many Democrats I go to school with in DC. They think Obama is going to win in every single state.

    47. tgca says:


      Most Americans do not want to see their leaders overseas trying to apologize and make excuses for us.

      If this trip is such a great success than the polls should result in a permanent and significant bounce for Obama because the greatest reservations about his candidacy are his foreign policy abilities. If his trip is deemed such a great success by the American public, then this trip should put America’s concerns about BO to rest and the election will be over because BO will have neutralized McCain’s strength. Let’s see where the polls lie in 2 weeks. If its still a close elction, then this trip will not have been a great success because there is no reason he should not be substantially ahead of McCain in this hostile political environment for the Reps.

      I suspect the trip was deemed a great success for Obamaniacs and the MSM, which are one in the same by the way. The MSM is trying to make BO look presidential because they are doing everything in their power to elect him POTUS. Fortunately, most Americans are not paying attention to the MSM crap at this time and are enjoying their summer festivities. Besides, weekend polling does not favor Reps and I would be interested in seeing the internals to see, if as usual, the Rep samples are significantly lower than the Dem samples.

      …and most importantly, if this trip was such a great success, why is the issue of him not visiting the troops dominating his trip?

      Again, this gaffe will come back to haunt him because he will not be able to explain why he went to the gym instead of visiting the troops a few miles away. Remember, he broke a promise to the troops! It was not that he was in the neighborhood and might stop in for a visit. He made a promise and broke it! Maybe you do not find that offensive, but I do, as I suspect will many in middle-America. Imagine, a potential POTUS does not have time to visit our wounded troops but he can go work out at the gym for photo ops with the MSM.

      …and no BS about the Pentagon rules. They simply told him he could not drag the press along and make it a campaign event; he could have gone with his security and had a private meeting. He could have reimbursed the campaign for the use of the $5 in gas it would have taken him to drive and see the troops.

      This again, goes to his judgment and character! Obama first, America last!

    48. Phil says:

      Geeez. I come over here to check out the thread and find that Harry has broken out of his nursery again. I’ll check back when he goes down for his nap.

    49. Tim says:

      I see Conservatives and Liberals here predicting big wins.

      Am I alone in seeing, at present, a race developing that is a tossup?

    50. tgca says:

      Harry and Keyboard:

      If we’re going to make juvenile jokes about McCain’s age and hygiene, here’s one for you:

      Barak Obama (BO) = Body Odor

      We all know he stinks really bad and has foul breath because Michele told us so last year. Perhaps he can gain concessions from opposing world leaders by just showing up and offending them with his BO and bad breath. I myself would agree to anything if it would appease my sense of smell.

      Ha! Ha! Aren’t we all mature now!


    51. Harry says:

      I hope McCain picks Romney. Then it will be Scab-butt and Slimy.

    52. James Milner says:

      Wasn’t Dukakis up double digits at this point in the campaign in 1988? John Kerry was even up in the polls at this point in 2004. The fact that Barry is only up single digits has some in the DEM camp very worried because they know that things will only get closer as November approaches. The less ground that McCain has to make up the more worried they are.

    53. Harry says:

      McCain isn’t VP and he isn’t following Reagan, he’s following Dufus. It’s a big difference.

    54. Michael says:

      “Then it will be Scab-butt and Slimy.” Come on Harry…tell us all…how old are you?

    55. James Milner says:

      Actually he is more appealing to upset Dems and Indys than anybody else that the GOP could have nominated thats what has DEMs worried. Wasn’t McGovern even doing well at this point. Jimmy Carter should have blown away Ford but had to hold on for dear life to win in 76. The only reason Bill Clinton won was because of Ross Perot and even then it wasnt a blow out

    56. Bobby says:


      I believe it depends on how you define big wins. Whether it be electorally or popular vote wise. This could be an election where McCain wins and Obama wins the popular vote. It is very possible. Right now I see Democrats capturing 210 EV’s and Republicans capturing 174 EV’s. This leaves tossups in Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, Missouri, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, New Hampshire, North Carolina and Florida. If we talk about leaning states we can probably give McCain Missouri, Ohio and Florida. North Carolina seems to be leaning R as well which will give McCain a grand total of 247 EV’s. If McCain picks Romney and they capture Michigan, Reps are at 264 or 6 away from the Presidency. This forces Obama to win Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, Iowa, Virginia, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire. If McCain captures Virginia, he can then lose Montana and North Dakota and all those other state and become President of the United States.

      Bottom Line: Obama can win historic majorities it some blue states and it be a razor thing popular vote, but the more we look at the electoral map, McCain has the probably could realistically win 300 EV’s. Obama could nab 317 EV’s, but things become tricky if Obama loses Ohio and Florida. I think McCain can win this election strategically without even getting the majority of America to vote for him.

    57. Harry says:

      Dems have either won or got at least 48% in every election since 1992. It’s Republicans who have gotten into the 30’s. McCain looks like Dole. And he’s campaigning like him to. His numbers are horible, and the undecideds are mostly indies and dems, and he is already behind. Do you see McCain being any less boring in October?

    58. Robbie says:

      Why does anyone here give that prick, Harry, the time of day. He called me a Nazi on the site last winter. He’s just a liberal who gets his kicks messing around with conservatives. Ignore him.

    59. tgca says:

      Harry: #45

      I believe this war will have long-lasting impacts that benefit the world. Unless we have spineless, terrorist-embracing leaders like Europe, Iraq will long be remembered by dictators as a lesson learned. Saddam gambled and lost big-time. Had he been successful in his gamble:

      – he would still be in power,
      – he would still be revered and feared in the Middle East,
      – his sons would still be alive,
      – he would still have stolen billions to call his own,
      – he would still dominate the region, and
      – he would still be free to engage in his favorite extracurricular activites such as torturing millions.

      …but for one little thing…he gambled with the wrong world leader.

      His demise, and the ease with which he was toppled will leave a lasting effect for many generations on dictators of the world. Not in his wildest dreams did he believe he would be de-throned, humiliated, and executed. His legacy is not lost, but instead will be remembered in the Arab world, as a humiliating defeat.

      I believe many future dictators will think twice about Saddam’s lessons before they push the world to the brink, especially if there are countries like the US with strong leaders who are willing to act alone, if necessary. Sure dictators will continue to play the game, and be annoying such as Chavez, but when it comes to the big issues and concerns of the world, I suspect they will back-off…and that’s agood thing.

      Besides freeing 25 million from tyrany, I belive that the greatest benefit of Iraq is the lesson a ruthless and otherwise untouchable dictator learned when he pressed his luck too far.

      That will benefit millions in the future and I believe some day people will look back at this war and see the importance of it. Of course, we would not expect the MSM and many libs today to have a long-term view because they believe the terrorists and Saddam exist only because they are the by-products of the real evil in the world, people like Bush.

      Happy Sunday!

    60. Harry says:

      58.You are lying. I never called you a Nazi. Although I did complain that you cry to mommy to much.

    61. Bobby says:


      Clinton got 43% in 1992, not 48%. Dole was running against and incumbent President who won the same electoral victory he did in 1992, it hardly resembles the 2008 election.

    62. Harry says:

      59. Doesn’t seem to have any impact in Iran. I think you are wrong.

    63. Hugh says:

      We will have a better idea tomorrow once the polling that caused the 3 point increase for Obama in the Gallup poll drops off as to the size of the bounce. I think these polls will start to close again and will go back to the 2 to 3 points we had been seeing prior to the trip. This news cycle will run several more days unfortunately. After that the Dem convention. It will be a few hard weeks to stomach.

    64. tgca says:

      Last time I looked Harry you need at least 50.1% to win the election in a two-man race so your point about 48% for the Dems since 1992 does not matter. If the Dems get 48% this time, McCain wins with 52% since there will be no 3rd party candidate to siphon votes from either the Dems or Reps.

      So thanks for the vote of confidence that Reps will win the 2008 POTUS election.

    65. tgca says:

      Iran is not at the point that Iraq was. Ahmadinejad may be the Prez of Iran but he is not in charge because the real power is the Ayatollah. He is the voice of Iran but not the power. The Ayatollah pulls the strings and they are not about to let Ahmadinejad cause them the same fate as Iraq. They will push as far as they can to gain any leverage but they will not attempt to invade other countries at this point, and forcefully dominate theregion unless Europe and the US show weakness in leadership. So if BO becomes POTUS, I would suspect that Iran would push further because BO is perceived as weak and would probably do little to mitigate their efforts.

      However, I think this will be moot because I think there is great possibility that Israel will take out Iran’s nuclear capability in the near future if it is perceived a real threat. …and if a war starts, the west will undoubtedly be forced to defend Israel.

      So again, at this time, the stakes are different between Iran and Iraq.

    66. tgca says:

      OK…enough reading and posting for now. It’s Sunday so this ignorant, white-trash, conservative Californian has gotta cling to his Bible and guns…after I walk my dog and get back from Walmart.

      Happy Sunday!

    67. rdelbov says:

      I too see this race as close. McCain 335 to 200 for Obama.

      Perhaps 50% McCain 46% Obama

      This early

      remember the five points and that Obama is so clearly defined.

    68. KeyBored says:

      michael corleone,

      Obama obviously wants to change Bush policy of last eight years, and change Washington politics as well including stopping negative attacks and excessive influence from special interest groups. I’m confident he’ll achieve the former, but not as much about the latter. See Obama’s website for his plan for change:


    69. lisab says:

      if mccain picks romney obama’s michigan becomes key. lose it and the dems pretty much lose considering it appears FL and OH will stay red.

    70. lisab says:


      you should be a speech writer! i wonder what the media’s response would have been?

      “I know that at times my country has not been perfect . . . but at least we didn’t gas people and burn their bodies in massive ovens or line people up, including babies and children, and shoot them so we could bury them in mass graves. F-off you Nazi-loving bastards.”

    71. lisab says:

      “I forget where I heard it, but Obama could have easily gone by himself (and his security detail), rented a car by himself, told the press that he didn’t want any media to follow him, and gone to visit the troops on his own.”

      i was one of the people who wrote that …

      but it gets worse … the military actually agreed to make an exception and allow obama to land his plan with the press at the base … which they never agree to, but agreed to it in this case because of obama’s special circumstances. however, he could not bring the press inside with him.

      so obama did not even have to disrupt his schedule to see the wounded. in fact he disrupted his schedule in order to NOT see them.

    72. Robbie says:

      I’m sorry. You called me Adolf Hitler. Is that a distinction without a difference?

    73. KeyBored says:

      Bitterlaw & lisab

      Did it ever occur to you that Europeans love Obama and despise anyone resembling Bush BECAUSE of wars and fascism. kb

    74. David says:

      #63, Hugh, Lets hope you are right…

    75. sam says:

      Europeans love Obama because he,like they, are un-American.

      It is not hard to understand. Europeans, like anybody else, are driven by self-interest. They perceive Democrats as more open to their interests than American interests.

    76. Tina says:

      I would not jum on the Obama express. This is weekend polling, after his Tour of Duty. He only leads by 5 nationally, per Ras. – the only survey of likely voters.

      Democrats have typically had bigger leads in July, includnig Carter.

    77. Tina says:

      Socialist Europeans love Obama because he went abroad, and pissed on his own country – the U.S. The Eurorail rats have large unemployment rates, little to no economic growth, etc.

    78. dblaikie says:

      Well, once again we have the tracking polls going a different way. I will be very surprised if we don’t have a poll released tomorrow from Newsweek or CBS that shows a 20 point race.

      I think that that Dave has a great blog here with strong content. However, if I were him I would have three basic rules if the poll was going to figure in the electoral watch. First only likely voter polls should be considered. Second polls that count need to be taken over more than just one night. And third no polling over the weekend should factor in.

    79. David says:

      dblaikie #78, no polls over the weekend? then there wouldn’t be any polls….

      I agree look for a big poll showing Obama up by 15…then a few days later the internals will show that they oversampled. The media is determine to make Obama’s tour a success in Americans’ eyes even if it means playing with the breakdown..

    80. David says:

      #77, Tina you are correct, any person that goes to Europe and bad mouths the USA is going to get a great response….They are jealous of us and they want someone like Obama that will try to introduce Socialism into the USA so we have the same spoils as them…

    81. lisab says:

      “Did it ever occur to you that Europeans love Obama and despise anyone resembling Bush BECAUSE of wars and fascism.”

      ummm … obama is typical of the leaders that allow fascism. they like obama because he is vaguely european-like with his harvard education.

      they do not like americans because, particularly someone like bush, because he does not listen to them that much, and does not use the usa’s military to do what they want. i’ve been told by several europeans they expect us to use our military in their defense.

      in particular, europe has zero interest in helping israel in any way. europeans as a whole do not much like muslims, but they do not like israel at all. i am sure they hope obama abandons israel.

      europe is the only “civilized” place i’ve heard open antisemitism

    82. Hugh says:

      Keybored…excuse me. Do you even know what is the definition of a fascist? Obviously not since a fascist is totalitarian liberal that believes is socialist government.

      It is hard for Republicans to win with such ignorant voters. Keep in mind, in case you do not know ignorant does not mean stupid and I do not mean to imply that in anyway. I know many very bright and well meaning, but ignorant people when it comes to economics and history.

    83. lisab says:

      i’m not sure europeans are that “jealous”. they like what they have.

      if they are jealous at all it is slightly because we have a higher standard of living in some ways — like in the ability to buy our own home with a working shower for less than 500k euros …

      but much more because we do not really envy them. truth be told, they are not so much jealous because we have it better — they really do not think so in most ways. it is because we do not seem to think they have it better. that bugs them … a lot.

      if you really want to bug a european say something like … “hey why don’t you guys build a new church … that one is looking kind of ratty. our parish just put up a 10,000 seat church with a great sound system for a couple of million, right next to the walmart. and how come the water pressure is so low? can’t you just knock a few of these walls down and put in a decent sized bathroom?”

      they will turn beet red … (in western europe .. in eastern europe they will follow your advice).

    84. Adam says:

      What really makes this ad is the use of images of Obama shooting 3 pointers WITH THE TROOPS IN KUWAIT to make a point about him not meeting with the troops. What a nitwit. The McSame campaign is making this to easy.

    85. Hugh says:


      My very good Swedish friend who as worked all over Europe tells me Europeans love to act tolerant and berate Americans as bigoted, yet they are very prejudiced. Their idea of open minded is to tolerate cultural differences if they do not interfere with there daily routine, but by and large they are extremely prejudiced and keep to their own, unlike here where Muslims and other largely assimilate. How many of their immigrants ever become citizens in many of these countries. The Turks that came to Germany in huge numbers in the 50s are still not citizens by and large.

    86. lisab says:

      when in western europe the best way to get under their skin is to say something like … “why not just tear it down and build a new one?”

      that is a very american thing …

      i went to london for part of my honeymoon. my husband is a usa farmboy, and a big guy — at the time 6′ 1″ about 180 pounds.

      we went to something like mcdonald’s for breakfast … he got a “Large orange juice”. typical of europe it was about the size of a thimble. so from then on he would get THREE orange juices 🙂

      hubby does not blend well 🙂

    87. lisab says:

      “Europeans love to act tolerant and berate Americans as bigoted, yet they are very prejudiced. ”

      extremely bigoted …

      as one of my friends told me, the uniforms have changed but not the ideas.

    88. Hugh says:

      Your right LisaB

      They no longer have the political will (except the brits) or the money to back up their desires, so they just try to keep on getting by. As their populations age, and their immigrant populations largely (poor Muslims not given entry into their society, unlike here) grow they will die culturally and economically.

      They still have a peasant class in much of Europe particularly in France. Anytime the French try to modernize the farmer all drive their tractors to Paris and shut it down until the politicians cave in.

    89. Bobby says:

      Has anyone seen John Thune on Fox News Sunday, he is so well spoken and put together. Very interesting figure going forward.

    90. lisab says:

      on that … my mother used to work for a very expensive french wedding dress store that used to be on newbury street in boston. we are talking $5,000 dresses — crazy money dresses … (my dress as it happened 🙂 )

      anyway the owner was french, but Jewish. many of her family had been killed by germans in ww2, which is why she was in the usa. she had been saved by italian soldiers who caught them fleeing into italy, but who had refused to turn them over to germans.

      anyway … she still HATED germans, even in the usa.

      so the bigotry in europe is not limited to what we would consider normal lines here in the usa. lots of europeans hate other europeans

    91. tgca says:


      I am disappointed in you. Are you choosing your wrods carefully? Please do not go PC on us.

      “They (Europeans) do not like Israel at all?” That is an understatement. EUROPE IS ANTI-SEMETIC!!! That’s more like it.

      Many European leaders are pro-Palestinian and it is quite evident in their politics. However, Europe will rue the day they embraced Islam over Judaism because it will be the destruction of their culture, if Europe does become Eurabia, as predicted in 50 to 100 years due to declining European birthrates but increasing Islamic birthrates in Europe.

      This does not mean peple who practice Islam should be persecuted, but their leaders wish to take them back to the middle ages at any cost, and so far, due to the lack of integration in European culture, that is a great possibility. Look at the issues in the Netherlands and France, where Islam is impacting those societies negatively. …and now we have England’s top judge advocating for Sharia law in England. Look what happened to Afghanistan when the Taliban took over. Does anyone remember how the Taiban tore down 2,000 year-old Buddha statues against the pleadings of the world? What do you think they will do to Christian churches and anything else that does not abide by their extreme views.

      I suspect if things don’t change there will be civil war in Europe in 30 to 50 years…and Europeans will look back and wonder where did they go wrong…and of course, it will be America to the rescue again.

      Now that I have shared my unbiased view on Islam I will shut-up. 🙂

    92. rdelbov says:


      I think you ascribe high minded thoughts to the current euro thinking and I believe that you are incorrect.

      1st How much of Europe’s current thinking on the Jewish-Arab question based on the euro and jobs? Mercy the Europeans have embraced the jobs at any cost thinking as far as the arabs are concerned. Whenever the USA is reluctant to sell something the Euros rush in.

      2nd How many muslims are in UK & Europe as opposed to Jews? Who casts the most votes? Has that tilted the views of governments? I believe so.

      Its not necessary deep thinking or hate its money & votes.

    93. lisab says:

      “EUROPE IS ANTI-SEMETIC!!! That’s more like it.”


      yeah, i was trying to be a little pc, but since you brought it up … i was talking to an ambassador from europe once. VERY educated, lovely family, fluent in several languages and so very nice to me … we became friends. they liked me because i was catholic and at the time we were all living in asia. we met through the church.

      anyway, this very nice man (i won’t mention the country), who had invited me over to the embassy several times for dinner and/or drinks, and who i considered a friend …

      out of the blue one day told me how the “Jews” were destroying his country. i was stunned. it is one of the few times i was absolutely speechless. especially when it occurred to me there were not that many people who were Jewish left in his country.

      and this was in “polite society”

    94. Howard Dean says:

      Well, we can add BlackWater as another obama flip-flop.

      He really is Bush’s 3rd term!

    95. steven says:

      Research 2000 national poll 7-25,7-27 1100 likely voters

      Obama 51
      McCain 39

      Didnt know research 2000 polled national , just state, i think this one is an outlier, as well conducted friday, saturday, and sunday

    96. lisab says:


      tcga is correct … europe is VERY antisemitic. it goes back centuries.

      the current economics is just the latest excuse.

      it is not that they like the muslims at all … they just hate israel. it is changing, i am sure it is MUCH better today than 50 or 100 years ago — but obviously that is not saying much.

    97. KeyBored says:

      82 Hugh

      My use of the word “fascism” was in reference to bitterlaw’s comments on Nazi Atrocities. Seemed appropriate to me, but you would know better I suppose. I am so glad there is someone like you on this forum that knows the difference between ignorant and stupid, and has such a commanding knowledge of economics and history.

      Say, could you tell me what a pompous ass is?


    98. David says:

      Is it just me or is Drudge from Drudgereport endorsing Obama? For the last week, all we have seen are Obama pictures on his page. Now, i guess we get to see the 9 point margin (caused by the media) across his page.

    99. KeyBored says:

      Yes, Europe is antisemitic, and so is the entire WORLD including the US. All this Europe bashing is ridiculous. If McCain drew a crowd of 200,000 Europeans waving American flags, McCain supporters would be falling over themselves praising Europe.


    100. lisab says:

      yeah. some say it is because drudge is gay and obama supports gay marriage.
      gay marriage is coming, so get used to it.

      supreme court will protect it for sure across state lines … and then it is done.

      that is, marriages in massachusetts will be recognized by the courts across state lines and then it is done.

    101. Phil says:

      No David, it’s not just you. We’ve all noted his bias for months. Many were hoping it was just because he hated Hillary.

      Of course, Hillary has been out of the picture for weeks. So much for that theory.

    102. lisab says:

      “If McCain drew a crowd of 200,000 Europeans waving American flags, McCain supporters would be falling over themselves praising Europe.”

      probably … but europe would still be one of the most antisemitic places on earth.

      maybe you like europe. i like europe.

      but it is not europe bashing if it is true.

    103. Phil says:

      Lisab has outlined exactly the gay marriage scenario.

    104. Phil says:

      Those 200,000 Euroweenies in Berlin were NOT waving American flags.

    105. Howard Dean says:

      “The failure of Senator Obama to understand the need to increase domestic production is just stunning, and that’s going to be a real hurdle for him to overcome, because everybody gets it,” said Nancy Pfotenhauer, a senior McCain adviser.

    106. lisab says:


      yup … of course i fully support gay marriage and i imagine most people here do not.

      it is one of the good things that will come out of an obama presidency.

      he doesn’t even have to support it himself … just one judge like ginsberg and it will be fait accompli

    107. Howard Dean says:

      gay marriage is coming, so get used to it.


      You shouldn’t have to “get used” to something just b/c you think it might ve coming.

      What will we say in 15 years, incestuous marriage is coming, get used to it?

    108. Howard Dean says:

      supreme court will protect it for sure across state lines … and then it is done.


      We don’t know what the SCOTUS would do, they may not even recognize GM.

      More than one state Sup Crt has not found the right to exist.

    109. Howard Dean says:

      McCain Reverses Himself on Affirmative
      July 27, 2008 9:11 AM

      ABC News’ Teddy Davis and Kevin Kilbane Report: During a “This Week” interview with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos John McCain reversed himself on affirmative action and endorsed for the first time a proposed state ballot measure which would end race and gender-based affirmative action in his home state of Arizona.

      “I support it,” McCain declared when asked about the referendum. “I do not believe in quotas… I have not seen the details of some of these proposals. But I’ve always opposed quotas.”

      More important than AZ, a similar vote will be had in CO. It was polled recently at 68% approval.

      Let’s see Obama come out against that one.

    110. Phil says:

      Yep, the courts are gonna try and shove gay marriage right down our throats. The backlash in my state of Texas is going to be nuclear. Things are going to get very uncomfortable for liberal Democrats in my state.

      Trying to turn red America into California or Massachusetts is going to start a revolution.

    111. rdelbov says:

      I still think Euro is more Anti-Zionist or Anti-Israeli as opposed to anti-semintic.

      Its geopolitical as opposed to based on the Jewish faith.

      and no America is not anti-sementic

    112. lisab says:

      “More than one state Sup Crt has not found the right to exist.”

      the only thing keeping the current court conservative is kennedy.

      the only thing your side has in its favor is that the con justices are younger/in better health.

      it is just a matter of time

    113. Phil says:

      Affirmative action puts Obama in a box in Colorado. Watch him pull another nuance and try to speak a bunch of his gobbletegoop on this one – twisting himself into a pretzel.

    114. Howard Dean says:

      Trying to turn red America into California or Massachusetts is going to start a revolution.

      Comment by Phil — 7/27/2008

      You may be right about that.

    115. lisab says:

      the four liberal justices almost always vote as a block on every issue.

    116. Phil says:

      Just a matter of time

      You aren’t going to be so smug when you see the political backlash.

    117. Howard Dean says:

      t is just a matter of time

      Comment by lisab — 7/27/2008 @

      The liberal WA state Supreme Court ruled against GM as a “right”, earlier this year.

      It’s not an easy read.

    118. lisab says:

      “Its geopolitical as opposed to based on the Jewish faith.”

      ummmm … nope. well … i don’t think it is about religion so much as bloodlines actually … and they may claim to be anti-Zionist ….

      but no … way way antisemitic in europe. as i said, it is better now than ever before i’m sure … and they are bigoted on lots of things, not just against Jewish people.

      but to say europe is not largely antisemitic is fooling yourself. in particular france, germany and belgium are bad.

    119. lisab says:

      “You aren’t going to be so smug when you see the political backlash.”

      just being a realist … although i honestly support it as well.

      that has always been “the plan”. get it passed in one state, then get the courts to recognize it across state lines … then … it is fait accompli.

    120. lisab says:

      there was backlash against civil rights legislation too …

      it was still the right thing to do.

      now of course, you do not think gay marriage is the right thing to do, but it is not like anyone chooses to be gay. you are simply born that way.

    121. lisab says:

      and remember … there is a difference between what religious law and civil law.

      your religion can define marriage however it wants.

    122. tgca says:

      Hey Lisa: #97

      I agree Madonna is not looking too good these days. But check out this clip of her singing, at least her voice has improved.

      …and her acting too.

      What a great american entertainer she is.


    123. Phil says:

      fait accompli?

      Hardly. Right now Democrats can get away with – we don’t need a constitutional amendment because states have already defined marriage as between a man and a woman.

      That is out the window when the high court runs completely over the overwhelming will of the people in EVERY single state that has voted on the proposition. Even in Massachusetts the Democrats have played all kinds of games to specifically keep it off the ballot.

      2/3 of the House and the Senate and then 3/4 of the states have the last word. The amendment will read simply – marriage is between a man and a woman. Would absolutely love to see Nancy Pelosi pressure Texas Democratic House members to vote against it. That goes for all states. Is Heath Schuler gonna stand with Nancy on this? How about Harry Reid – is he gonna stand in the way? BYE bye Harry.

      Once the court effectively rams this right over the heads of the people, all hell will break loose and Democrats will have no cover. You either support it or you don’t – no more Democratic double talk.

      The amendment passes – just as the founders said it would work. An ingenius check to keep the tyranny of a few from strangling the will of the people.

    124. Jeff G says:

      The gay marriage issue is not the same as the civil rights issues of the 60s. The Constitution explicitly guarantees equal rights on the basis of race. It does not with regard to sexual orientation. It’s one thing to say it is wrong to discriminate against people on the basis of sexual orientation and to pass laws that ban such discrimination. It’s entirely another thing to declare things like same-sex marriage constitutional rights. The courts finding in favor of such things are making up constitutional rights on the basis of what they think is right. Ironically, the same people who support granting such rights are some of the same people who are most vocal against the SCOTUS’s ruling on the right to bear arms. And like it or not, that is actually a right written explicitly into the Constitution. I have never owned a gun and am not likely ever to, but that right is obvious. What is dangerous is the trend of our courts to declare things rights on the basis of how they feel society has changed to favor such things. That is not how our Constitution works. If you want to change it, you amend it. You don’t just change what it means.

    125. Phil says:

      Jeff, excellent post. You couldn’t have said it better or made it more clear.

    126. tanda says:

      If Pawlenty is the VP nominee, I will puke … then fall asleep.

    127. tanda says:

      Doesn’t Mac get it?

      Palin unifies the base, appeals to independents and women and creates instant energy, excitement and attention.

      Do it, John!

    128. lisab says:


      it is very doubtful you could get a constitutional amendment to block it. there are simply too many procedural tactics to delay it.

      of course almost every candidate in texas will say, “i am against it”.

      obama does

    129. lisab says:

      “That is not how our Constitution works. If you want to change it, you amend it. You don’t just change what it means.”

      no … that is how YOU change it.

      we just change what it means 🙂

    130. lisab says:

      and even if by some miracle you did get an amendment passed using the term “man and woman”

      what is a man? what is a woman?

    131. lisab says:

      i grew up in provincetown massachusetts — think san francisco with better seafood

      some of the restrooms in restaurants would say

      “either” “or” 🙂

    132. tgca says:

      I dunno if Europe is getting better for Jews. Anti-semitism has increased in the last decade. Here is a link to the US State Department’s report on it a few years back:

      …and it stills continue today. I often read about this and how many Europeans believe that the Jews bring this upon themselves because of the Palestinian conflict. Charles Krauthammer once said something to the effcet of: “If Hamas disposed of their weapons today, there would be peace in Israel. If Israel disposed of their weapons today, their would be slaughter in Israel.” That’s the difference and Europe does not recognize it.

      As a Catholic, I am ashamed at what the church and Pope did during WWII. It was bad enough that the Pope did not make a real effort to speak out to help save the Jews, but church leaders in certain countries assisted some of Germany’s most henious murderers escape after the war to avoid trial. That is shameful!

      Here is a partial list of what European Jews often live with:

      At the University of Geneva, a Jewish researcher wearing a small Star of David necklace was attacked in a campus elevator by Arab students. When she reported the attack, she was told not to wear the necklace in public.

      In Hasselt, Belgium, Muslim fans at a soccer match between the Israeli and Belgian national teams waved Hamas and Hezbollah banners, and chanted: “Jews to the gas chambers!” and “Strangle the Jews!”

      The British Political Cartoon Society awarded first prize in its annual competition to a cartoon in depicting a gigantic, naked Ariel Sharon biting off the head of an Arab baby. “What’s wrong,” reads the caption, “you’ve never seen a politician kissing a baby?”

      In Germany, scores of Jewish graves and Holocaust memorials have been defaced. At the cemetery in Beeskow, for example, “Heil Hitler” and “Crap on the six million lie” were painted on gravestones. At Langenstein-Zwieberge, a sub-camp of the notorious Buchenwald concentration camp, vandals plastered the walls with copies of anti-Semitic Third Reich newspapers.

      According to a poll conducted by the European Union last fall, 59 percent of EU citizens identify Israel as the world’s greatest threat to peace — ahead of Iran, Iraq, and North Korea. In December, millions of Europeans with satellite TV reception were able to watch “Al-Shatat,” a Syrian film that portrayed Jews as blood-drinking monsters who conspire to rule the world.

      In a leading Greek newspaper, a journalist wrote that the Jews “have vindicated the persecutions of the Nazis. . . . They deserved such an executioner [as Hitler] since they proved to be murderers themselves.” At a televised reception to mark the publication of his memoirs, Mikis Theodorakis, the composer of “Zorba the Greek,” denounced Jews. “These little people are the root of evil,” he told an audience that included two cabinet members — neither of whom reacted to his antisemitic outburst.

      The hatred has been most palpable in France. There have been so many attacks on Jews in recent months that the chief rabbi has urged religious boys and men to wear baseball caps instead of yarmulkes outside their homes. In November, a newly-built wing of the Merkaz Hatorah school outside Paris was gutted by arson. Last week, in a newspaper column headlined “Jewish children are in danger,” six French scientists described recent episodes of anti-Semitic violence in Parisian schools. In one of them, a girl was thrown to the ground and beaten by 20 students, who were yelling, “Dirty Jew! Dirty Jew!”

    133. Indy says:

      McCain has to prove that he’s not a Manchurian Candidate before I’ll ever consider voting for the guy.

    134. Michael says:

      Lisa is just spouting semantic b.s. on the gay issue. Does she really believe that North Dakota, Kansas, Mississippi and other states are going to accept “gay marriage” because California does. Get real. This battle is long from over and it may not turn out the way you wish.

    135. David says:

      #102, Phil…having said that, can you or anyone else make an recommendation for my homepage then? I’ve had Drudgereport as my homepage for many years now….

    136. lisab says:

      “Does she really believe that North Dakota, Kansas, Mississippi and other states are going to accept “gay marriage” because California does. Get real. This battle is long from over and it may not turn out the way you wish.”

      well … i don’t really care if you accept it or not … just so long as it is legal. i will never live in any of those places, and i don’t care if YOU have a gay marriage.

      but hey … i’m just telling you what the plan is. don’t kill the messenger.

    137. lisab says:

      even if you think i am wrong on the eventual outcome …

      do you doubt for one second that i am not telling you the truth about what the plan is? that is the plan.

      also, do you doubt for one second that obama will appoint judges favorable to that outcome. he will. i am not gloating, it just is.

    138. lisab says:


      yes, i have heard it is rising too. i just didn’t want to keep going down that road, it is a little off topic, much like gay marriage.

      but, yeah, anyone who doesn’t think europe has a large anti-semitic problem, has not opened their eyes. it is pretty open there, especially france. i didn’t see or hear much in britain.

      although, i would broaden it to be more than anti-semitic. they are anti-lots of people.

    139. tgca says:

      I think the real challenge of gay marriage is to individual freedoms, the freedom to raise your children and cling to your Bible as BO might say. I have mixed veiws on gay marriage but overall, I do not think it is best for the union at this point. My main concern is that certain aspects of society will try to indoctrinate children at a young age that gay marriage is just as normal as straight marriage and ostracize those that disagree or don’t conform. Here is my prediction of a future CA scenario:

      A San Francisco teacher gives her 3rd grade class an assignment about what they will do when they grow up. Little Sally recites her assignment and states that she will go to medical school and be a doctor and help the poor and that she will marry a nice man and have three children, a nice house, and a cute dog. Miss Liberal Teacher, thanks Sally for sharing her assignment and commends her on a career in community service but advises her that she should be open to the possibility that she may also marry a woman and consider having a children that both Mommy and Mama can love just as much as her mommy and daddy loves her.

      I’m sure this will not confuse Sally at all!

      In addition, there are also a host of legal issues associated with gay marriage such as family law that will have to be amended. Say good-bye to he long-standing preferential treatment for women in custody cases because we can’t have to sets of laws: (1) one for straights where women are allowed more deference in custody, and (2) another for gay marriages where no such deference exists.

    140. lisab says:

      “The hatred has been most palpable in France.”


      france is maybe first among equals … wierd that the others here haven’t really heard about this.

      fox news only devotes 80 seconds to international news so that might account for it.

    141. lisab says:

      “but advises her that she should be open to the possibility that she may also marry a woman and consider having a children that both Mommy and Mama can love just as much as her mommy and daddy loves her.”

      that already happens … sort of …

      “heather has two mommies” etc.

    142. lisab says:

      “Say good-bye to he long-standing preferential treatment for women in custody cases because we can’t have to sets of laws”

      think about that …

      not a problem in gay marriage.

    143. lisab says:

      but i think we are getting WAY off topic

      OBAMA could have visited wounded soldiers

      and decided to go to the gymnasium instead, so he could be photographed

    144. lisab says:

      although tm always gets mad at me when i support the troops over the dem candidate … he almost called me a republican yesterday … (how insulting)

      i do NOT think it is a liberal principle to support terrorists over our own soldiers

      sorry “but when you go carrying pictures of chairman mao, you ain’t gonna make it with anyone anyhow”

    145. Phil says:

      From Massachusetts? Why am I not surprised. Explains the liberal smugness.

      I’m sure you have all kinds of plans for the New George Soros society. What’s next, reparations for blacks? What’s the “plan” to back door that one?

      My point is that whenever a group reaches power their undoing is over reaching. I’m sure in Massachusetts you are probably almost mainstream. Your imposition of universal gay marriage is that reach. Living in the bubble of Massachusetts you wouldn’t recognize that.

      I welcome gay marriage as a salient issue. It works for our side.

    146. Phil says:

      At least you support the troops. That’s important and rare for a liberal – although they like to give it lip service,

    147. Phil says:

      David, I also used to use the Drudge Report. Hot Air is good if you like political headlines. Good conservative blogging there as well.

    148. lisab says:

      “Explains the liberal smugness.”

      just telling it like it is … call it smugness if you want (tee hee) but my side is winning this one … two states down, 48 to go.

      but also do not mistake liberal ideals with being a democrat.

      the dems want to win … they will say or do anything to win near as i can tell.

      i would rather obama lose (by far) than have the usa lose in iraq. which isn’t quite fair i suppose, because i oppose his position on infanticide too …

      but even if he was not in favor of infanticide, i would rather kick terrorist ass than wear a burka. al queada is NOT exactly pro-women ya know.

    149. lisab says:

      hmmmmm … usa or muslim terrorists

      gotta support the usa on this one

    150. Tim says:

      Posts #145 and #147 are laughable. LOL

    151. Tim says:

      Are there like three of you typing your dribble?

    152. Tim says:

      Whatcha doing, Lisa? Engaging in political activism? Ah, ha, ha, ha!

    153. lisab says:

      well, admittedly i’m not getting too far on spreading gay marriage …

      honestly i just don’t get why the gop wants to cling to civil laws based on customs that were made up before the invention of the wheel

      but … that is what the courts are for … 🙂

    154. Tim says:

      Aw. Don’t her want to talk to her favorite guy, Tim?

    155. lisab says:

      you’re a guy?!!!!

    156. lisab says:

      a friend of dorothy are you?

    157. lisab says:

      well, gotta go for a walk, but i’ll leave you with video of provincetown, good eye candy … none for sale

    158. Howard Dean says:

      The New York Times quoted Elysee officials that “Obama aides insisted that an American flag not be displayed alongside the French flag because Mr. Obama is only a visiting senator and not the president.”

      There is no protocol preventing an American official from having the flag displayed when abroad.

      America snubbed once again by a lame excuse.

      © 2008 Newsmax. All rights reserved.

    159. lisab says:


      we do the same. even at the olympics we NEVER bow our flag. never.

      not surprising the french would not allow that.

      more surprising that obama would allow it.

    160. lisab says:

      in the peace corps we always flew equal with the host country.

    161. Phil says:

      Yeah, everyone supports the troops Tim… Durbin , Kerry (his batteries attached to human genitals, cutting off ears monologue , more recently his we’re “terrorizing Iraquis in the middle of the night” Murtha’s (marines killed in cold blood public BS…. and my favorite, the community outrage in San Francisco over the horror of recruiting offices in their fair city.

      Where oh where could I possibly have gotten the idea that liberals don’t support the troops? Why, I sand corrected sir.

    162. Hugh says:

      Keybored You must be talking to my wife if you think I am a pompous ass. However, I know enough to know Bush is not a fascist. I suspect you know better too, but maybe not and you just like to spew the liberal hate mongering lines.

    163. maelstrom says:

      100. kb

      The campaign and the media exaggerated the crowd size. ZDF TV reported 20,000 15 minutes before the start of the rally. It’s not like tickets were sold and collected.

    164. tgca says:

      Thank God for some common sense, even if from a Rhino

    165. lisab says:


      the link doesn’t work

    166. tgca says:

      The link aint’ working so I’ll try again.

    167. tgca says:

      OK…I give up…you can see it on Drudge. Arnold, our Governator, vetoed a bill to require climate change be added to schools’ curriculum.

    168. lisab says:


      if obama wins, which i put at about 60% chance now …

      tm a vapid dem little toady will have you believe that:

      a.) the dems will go after osama hard
      b.) lower taxes on the poor while only raising taxes on the rich
      c.) protect gun rights
      d.) get to energy independence
      e.) withdraw from iraq
      f.) have universal health care that doesn’t cost too much

      and i tell you if obama wins:

      a.) they will cut and run from iraq regardless of who dies
      b.) turn afghanistan over to nato, make it a complete nato operation, maybe drop some bombs from 20,000 ft.
      c.) scale down the size of the military to “save money” and to make sure we can never invade a country the size of iraq again
      d.) raise taxes through the roof
      e.) have some kind of mandated universal health care that insures part d.) will happen
      f.) will s cale back gun rights everywhere
      g.) gay marriage will be mandatory
      h.) oil will be so expensive that only the dems like aaron will be able to use cars to drive to their brie and wine parties

    169. tgca says:

      OK it’s Sunday night so it is time for me to relax with some mindless entertainment…and…NO! I am not talking about Barack Obama speeches.

      Clinging to my Bible and guns, I decided to watch an old Bond film…License to Kill. It’s been years since I saw that one.

      BTW, anyone see Batman? I thought it was waaaaaaaaaaaaay too dark and not for kids at all. The Joker was not funny or demented as in previous films, he was just plain crazy…and Batman was such a whiner. I think Bale is the best of the recent Batman’s (Clooney was the worst) because he is most action oriented and athlectic but this one was too dark and whiny. It reminded me of the movie Saw, no real action, just an excuse to torture, maim, or kill.

      However, the nachos with cheese, jalapenos, olives, sour cream, and guacamole was pretty good though. 🙂

    170. tgca says:

      Hey Lisa:

      Watch it! I like brie! …and I ain’t no damn Dem.

    171. lisab says:

      well maybe you can go to one of aaron’s parties and debate the benefits of high gas prices with him … he’s in favor of them. it makes him look cool in his hybrid

    172. lisab says:

      just don’t bring up the starvation around the world that high oil prices cause …

      he doesn’t look nearly as cool to the young coeds around him if you mention that

    173. lisab says:

      and that bums him out

    174. Ray J Tuleya says:

      Very Late response to Tim earlier. Liberals predict a blow-out based on emotions. Plus, they truly believe that anyone who doesn’t agree with them must be stupid.

      I predict the possibility of a blow-out for McCain. There is definately a chance of a toss-up race too focused on the red & blue states.

      If there was anything behind Obama as a crediable candidate, I would be worried. The only question is whether the popularity bubble burst before the election of not.

    175. Ray J Tuleya says:

      #169 lisab, I am curious about how you could give Obama a 60% chance of winning. I still give him only a 5% chance. The electorial college is just so stacked toward McCain.

    176. fast eddie rendel says:


      Obambi is the biggest lightweight to ever run for potus, but give him about a 15-20 % chance, in light of electoral math.

      100% chance that Tim and Harry get hitched in san fran, yeah baby

    177. lisab says:

      “I am curious about how you could give Obama a 60% chance of winning.” Ray J Tuleya

      currently 60%.

      he is winning the popular vote right now. how much do you think the press coverage he got in europe was worth? a billion dollars? could you buy the network coverage he got for a billion? maybe.

      soooo … right now 60%. now, will he start sinking? maybe, but clearly many powers that be want him. the press want him. i am not sure that anything he does that paints him in a bad light will be covered.

    178. lisab says:

      the other side of this is mccain. i have never seen such a, (being nice), sleepy candidate. dole was the nice polite candidate. he did not want to fight. he was above board. a gentleman.

      mccain is not … um … young. i know, i know … that is something harry would say, but it is somewhat true. do you see how physically stiff he looks? granted, it is probably from the severe injuries he suffered, but he looks old. he can’t move. he looks shrunken. I don’t hold it against him but compared to the young man from illinois … he looks old. that is a problem.

    179. lisab says:

      finally, it seems to me mccain is shocked … that the press is now against him.

      i think he really thought the press would LOVE him … because he was a maverick. the truth is they liked him because he did not like bush. this is a surprise to mccain. i do NOT think he even fully understands this yet.

      if he chooses Palin, he will gain in the popular vote. he will pick up many hillary supporters. if he chooses romney, and parks romney in michigan, new mexico, and nevada he has a good chance of picking up those states.

      BOTH would be very smart moves rather popular with the GOP base. sooooo … i think there is a really good chance … at least a 33% chance mccain won’t do either.

      who would annoy the GOP base a lot? who is neither a conservative nor a popular republican in a key state? i think mccain has a very good chance of picking that person.

      someone who the press will LOVE or at least he thinks the press will love, but will deliver nothing. mccain may do just that.

      if i were mccain or his advisor, i would say you have three and only three viable choices … among those who have not already said no. in no particular order:

      (1) Palin
      (2) Romney
      (3) Patraeus

      anyone else almost begs the gop base to quit.

      so yeah, obama 60% chance of winning right now even with the electoral map problematic for dems … mccain is THAAAAAAAT stupid

    180. lisab says:

      plus bush is NOT helping. i think he is tired and does not really like mccain anyway.

      now if i was president and the dem candidate announced he was flying to europe … i would have picked up the phone and said

      if you meet with this fool … we start collecting parking tickets at the UN … just so you know … i mean WHO at the STATE DEPT allows a jr. senator to meet with heads of state?

      seriously, bush should have rebuked him and said, “hey … maybe some day you will be president, but today the buck stops on MY DESK, NOT YOURS … so get your ego in check mr. jr senator”

    181. lisab says:

      bush telling him to “mind his place” would have encouraged the republicans and enraged the dems, but would have caused the europeans to skip meeting him

      heads of state do NOT have high profile meetings with the candidates of out of power parties because the same could be done to them.

      bush screwed up there. or more likely just did not care.

    182. lisab says:

      in fairness though … i don’t understand how mccain won the primaries. i thought he was dead last summer …

    183. David says:

      lisab, lets hope he doesn’t choose that 33%. I have been hearning Tom Ridge…i guess he could flip Penn…if McCain wins PA, OH, Fl, i don’t see how he loses..

    184. David says:

      After Hagel’s comments recently, it will be good to know in January 2009, that we will have one Republican Senator from Nebraska.

    185. KeyBored says:


      I never called Bush a fascist, as I said, I was responding to Bitterlaw’s comment on Nazi atrocities. I was referring to Nazis and Hitler, not Bush. But now that you bring it up…