Obama Sinking Across The Country

    We have two polls out of Ohio that now show John McCain ahead of Barack Obama by 7% (Survey USA) and 8% (Public Policy Polling) while at the same time showing Hillary ahead of McCain.


    McCain (R) 50%
    Obama (D) 43%
    Hillary (D) 50%
    McCain (R) 44%

    PRESIDENT – OHIO – GENERAL (Public Policy Polling)

    McCain (R) 50%
    Obama (D) 43%
    Hillary (D) 45%
    McCain (R) 44%

    The Survey USA poll was done March 14-16 among 532 registered voters. The PPP poll was done March 15-17 among 629 likely voters. Same type numbers for the states of Missouri and Kentucky, showing Hillary now the stronger candidate against McCain.


    McCain (R) 53%
    Obama (D) 39%
    McCain (R) 48%
    Hillary (D) 46%


    McCain (R) 64%
    Obama (D) 28%
    McCain (R) 53%
    Hillary (D) 43%

    These polls were done March 14-16 among 536 registered voters in MO and 535 registered voters in KY. In New Hampshire, Scott Rasmussen shows an unbelievable 16% swing in the direction of McCain in his match up with Barack Obama.


    McCain (R) 46%
    Obama (D) 43%
    McCain (R) 47%
    Hillary (D) 41%

    This poll was done March 16th among 500 likely voters. And if things were going bad enough for Obama, he now only leads Hillary by a single percentage point in North Carolina according to Public Policy Polling.

    Obama 44%
    Hillary 43%

    This poll was done March 17th among 521 likely voters.

    This is the negative side of associating for twenty years with someone prone to spouting racist rhetoric against America. As Obama is finding out, most people don’t like that….

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    1. Eph Rove says:


    2. Eph Rove says:

      So basically neither Billary nor Osama Obama lead McCain in any prurple state.

    3. Cory says:

      Two things:

      1. Obama had a horrible news cylce from Thursday – Monday. It was scandelous, every news organization was carrying it, Obama was getting hammered by everybody with a microphone, plus his preacher’s statements were being played on at least one of the channels basically every minute of the day. All these polls were conducted during that time period.
      Obama gave a breathtaking speech yesterday. This story is still dominating the airwaves, only it’s Obama’s speech that is getting most of the attention, and most of the attention is positive. The next round of polling will look better for Obama. The next round after that will probably look better still.

      2. This is what all the pundits were talking about when they said that the party who decided their nomination first would have an advantage. McCain is solidifying support while the Democrats tear into each other. Right now, McCain is leading both Democrats. If the election were tomorrow against either Clinton or Obama, McCain would win. However, all the “political indicators” favour the Democrats (unpopular sitting Republican president, economic downturn, unpopular war). For that reason, once this contest gets heads-up, the Democratic candidate will be in better position to move the needle in his or her direction. Right now, McCain is winning. But, it will be a very tight, very hard fought battle for him to keep that lead once he has a single Democratic challenger.

    4. Go DUKE!!! says:

      Why wasn’t the Rev Wright story the October Surprise?

    5. Halethorpe Todd says:

      Cory – I do not agree at all with your “breathtaking” comment about his speach and to me only turned off independent and moderate voters (especaially white) even more! It may be “breathtaking” to the unltra libs like yourself, but make no mistake…Obama is still in a wold of trouble.

    6. sam says:

      Cory, Wishful thinking. Come the fall, White voters will get a second helping of REV. Wright.

      Obama is toast, we all know it.

    7. digdug says:

      Cory, his speech was breathtaking? I thought it was full of yet more racism.

    8. harry says:

      Dave’s numbers are wrong for OH. Clinton 50-44 is what Survey USA shows at it’s site.

    9. James Milner says:

      This isnt a bad news cycle this could signal the beginning of the end. The most telling of these poll numbers is the North Carolina primary numbers. That is a state that Obama was up by double digits a week ago. Obamaites should be very worried. For Obama to end up losing North Carolina would be disasterous for his campaign. If he starts losing races in the south can only spell doom.

    10. Dave says:

      Thanks harry, typo fixed

    11. digdug says:

      I think you’re right James–if Obama loses NC it will mean the end. The Obamamaniacs will lose their faith in their savior and the news won’t be able to spin him as indestructible any longer.

      If he does manage to win NC, he may be able to pull it back together. I hope not… I’d prefer not to see an inexperienced racist in office.

    12. DWu says:


      I think you maybe miss the point. Obama’s whole candidacy and his popularity was based on being post racial. He told America that it’s not about the color of his skin, but the content of his character.

      In that “breathtaking” speech yesterday, Obama promised America that he will keep picking at racial divisions in America (e.g., we need more Affirmative Action), or, at the very least, look the other way when others play the race card.

      Now, you may disagree. You may say Obama never said that. But, that is how it (and the whole Wright affair) came across to a lot of “regular folks” who will now associate Obama with the Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons of the world (albeit with better elocution).

    13. Cory says:

      You people weren’t watching the same speech. Or maybe you didn’t watch the speech at all.

      I can’t fathom any other explanation.

    14. Luis says:

      As much as I will like for Democrats to loose, I think that these polls are early. When the final Democratic nominee is chosen (it appears right now that it may be Obama), the race should become closer.

      Personally judging from my experience watching and reading about elections, the best combination I think that Democrats could have will be Clinton/Obama ticket. But I do not think that this will happen. But time will tell.

    15. gnasher says:

      This is just a blip. 90% of the campaign happens after the conventions. It’s still anybody’s game to win.

    16. DWu says:


      I found the speech offensive. He equated his minister with his living grandmother (I’m sure she was proud of him for that!) and he basically said that white America has to understand where the good Reverend is coming from.

      Worst of all, Obama took no personal responsibility for his poor choices but shifted the blame to everyone else.

      Nice sounding speech, but completely self serving.

    17. Eph Rove says:

      Osama Obama is ripping Billary today on Iraq – this is why he will be the dem nominee but will loose 1972 style in the GE.

    18. Az Dem says:

      As a moderate Democrat I am disgusted by the DNC leadership. Howard Dean has made error after error. The Daily Kos is destroying my Father’s party.

      Denying Delegates from FLA amd Mich is like throwing away 44 electoral votes to McCain.

      Believe it or not we are not all Liberals, as I am a Veteran.

      We need Al Gore.

      1. Hillary is the better nominee but Obama will get the nomination because the DNC is a afraid to alienate the Black vote. Obama will lose Penn, Ohio, Mich etc.. while hurting the downticket.

      In 2004 I told the AZ Dem leadership that we needed to run a moderate like Mark Warner instead of Northern Linerals.

      Here we go again…. Sigh

    19. Keystone says:

      Cory – How can Obama claim to unite us and end racism when he couldn’t change the mind of Reverend Wright – a man he new well for 20 years. Did he even try? How often did he confront Reverend Wright about Wright’s views? Why didn’t he have any influence on the other patrons of his church? This is supposed to be the big issue for our leader and he couldn’t even convince anyone at his own church.

    20. Randy says:

      digdug, you mean the part where he said I didn’t understand this crazy church because of my “untrained ear”.

    21. Howard Dean says:

      This is NOT a blip or a cycle.

      It is a FATAL scandal.

      I’m GLAD the D’s don’t see it though.

    22. Keystone says:

      On the “Breathtaking” speech – I wonder who wrote it?

    23. Howard Dean says:

      What is breathtaking is the IMPLODING campaign and poll #’s.

      The gig is up, the D’s still have time to choose hillary though.

    24. GEAUXLSU says:

      The polls are early and lots can change, but I love what they are doing to my DEM friends who were so confident of a landslide victory in November. I love watching them stammer and try to explain the Wright issue and try to deny the obvious implosion of their idol’s campaign. I am trying to not make the same mistake now since Moveon.Org is already looking for McCain ammunition, but I thought I could gloat for a minute among “hedgehog” friends.

    25. Howard Dean says:

      While polls do change, no Dem has explained HOW Obama can recover from this disaster.

      He can’t even discuss policy b/c of the mess with his long time mentor.

      We can’t even discuss Rezko!!

      The 527’s are going to pour MILLIONS into ads…DEVASTATING ads.

    26. sam says:

      Here’s my prediction for April 22nd and 23rd:

      When the PA primary results come in, the first news will be that Hillary won by anywhere between 10-25%. The second news will be the race gap, when Hillary wins the white vote by 30-40%. Imagine the delicious quandrary for the spin-meisters, especially for the Obamaniacs who will need to keep justifying his presumed nomination. The Supers will be watching.

    27. Keystone says:

      AZ Dem – An interesting thought. Al Gore could actually be the nominee. If no one gets it on the first or second vote, he could come riding in at the convention claiming that the 2000 election was stolen and that it should be his turn.

    28. Luis says:

      No. 18, even though I am not a Democrat, I highly agree with you. Mark Warner would have been ahead on the polls right now if he will be running, and I think that John Edwards also would be polling better. The economy is becoming the focal point of the election and the falling dollar would have help their message. But reality is diferent and Obama with Hillary are the ones running with the clock ticking forward.

    29. Howard Dean says:

      The New Black Panthers have endorsed Obama!

    30. anon says:

      Obama doesn’t stand a hope in hell – not because of anything stated here, but because the US in large part has moved past racism, whatever the ethnic heritage. Those who hold onto a racist experience as a source of power will loose the very thing they seek.

    31. Ken says:

      I am a white moderate Independent and I agree with Corey. I think it was one of the best political speeches I’ve ever read. I’m still not sure if I will go with Obama or McCain. Obama has the leadership qualities I am looking for and McCain has more experience. Time will tell…

    32. rdelbov says:

      Well I step out and Obamania ends

    33. lisab says:

      “Hillary Clinton has never done nothing for us, …” al sharpton drudge

    34. James Milner says:

      Well I wonder how Senator Obama feels about having a group that is considered an extremist hate group such and the New Black Panther Party endorse him? What does this guy really believe behind closed doors?

    35. Phil says:

      He likes it apparently. It’s posted on his website.

    36. lisab says:

      the michigan primary revote so hillary can win … is off per drudge

    37. Zipota says:

      All the state polls in this blog entry are going wild with the exception of Kentucky, where Republican victory is widely expected.

    38. digdug says:

      Ken- You liked listening to someone defend a racist pastor and throw his grandmother under the bus? It that’s the best speech you ever heard you must have missed the Reagan years.

    39. Anon says:

      I’m really wondering what Obama’s Grandmother has to say about all this. I REALLY want to know that.

      Her opinion after Obama put her in the content of his speech the way he did could very well do a lot for Obama: or it could crush him.

    40. Drew says:

      I have to agree with Cory that Sen. Obama gave a very effective speech yesterday. I wouldnt go so far as to say it was breath taking, but it was certainly an honest and refreshingly frank discussion on race and the role it plays in our political process. That said, its clear this scandal, and it is nothing short of one, has rocked his campaign and damaged his candidacy; especially with those working class white voters who were skeptical of a black candidate to begin with. Whether that damage is permanent, we’ll have to wait and see.

    41. Tim says:

      Now, that was one fine assessment of where things stand, right now.

    42. rdelbov says:

      I would like BH Obama to explain exactly what he found offensive about the Rev. Wright’s sermons. He danced and danced around this point. He said he wanted to confront the issue of race, but the person he confronted was Granny.

      Here are a few other points that I may have missed. If they are covered please let me know. Ken, Cory, Harry and Drew thought it was a great speech, but were these points covered?

      1. The GOP porvided most of the votes for 1958 civil rights bill and the 1964 Civil rights bill. Did we get an amen on that?

      2. The democratic party in the south opposed the modern civil rights movement that started in 1948 and fought it tooth and nail for 20 years. Can we get a little slap down on that.

      3. Finally Bill and Hillary (white folks that they are) may never had been called the “N” word, but certainly were called “N” lovers by extreme racists. So was there a shout out for Brother Bill and Sister Hillary for all that they did for the racial unity? I think I missed it.

    43. Robbie says:

      I’m amazed how quickly Obama’s numbers have fallen, but I shouldn’t be. As a new comer to the national scene, he was all things to all people. Now, he’s being defined nationally while still trying to put down Hillary’s kitchen sink plan.

      The Wright issue will fade, but the stain will remain in the background. We should see this again in the fall, but I bet it won’t be as much as we think. Republicans are still scared of this issue and the media will be in full defense mode for Obama.

      One other point. I think Republicans shouldn’t wait for the 527’s to come to the rescue. Freedom’s Watch has has several defections over the last month. Ari Fliescher and Brad Blakeman have both left and I’m not sure who’s running the show.

      I’m still interested to see how the polls act when it’s a true one on one matchup.

    44. lisab says:

      “Republicans are still scared of this issue and the media will be in full defense mode for Obama.”

      i am kind of amazed it is getting any coverage at all.

      most journalists are dems. this cannot help them, no matter which candidate you support.

      rather cntradicts the media bias talking point of the reps

    45. rdelbov says:

      I might add that with the hard ball political stand on MI & FL (plus the hidden double secret caucus counting in Texas) Obama will probably win the nomination. I would surprised to see him lose at this stage. I think he gives up FL and greatly hurts himself in MI, but hey politics is a contact sport. Things break on the way to the top.

      Still we can look forward to two months of primary fighting. Not panicked yet, but I think Obama will still win the nomination

    46. david says:

      O’bama’s Pastor and O’Bama’s policies…
      The controversial statements made by Barak O’bama’s “spiritual advisor” and “friend” opened a serious can of worms for the presidential candidate. O’Bama’s speech yesterday was an attempt to “clean up” the mess started by the Rev. Wright. Although articlulate (which is an O’bama strong point) it really didnt “clean up” what his policy goals are as president. Those goals are indeed similar to the rhetoric of Rev. Wright as it pertains to national defense.
      Wright made it a point saying that our attack on 9/11 was the result of an american led terrorism that has been sweeping the globe and that those “chickens came home to roost”…I find it very interesting that O’Bama has made many statements about our “unjust” war and about our “invasion” of Iraq as if we were a sold out terrorist nation looking for trouble and pushing our way of life on everyone else. Now O’bama’s stance on the war and Rev. Wright’s view of it sure sound similar to me. O’bama has stated he will end the war and bring the troops home, he will meet with Iran’s president to “discuss” the situation, he will put an end to our missle defense system, he will negociate arms treaties with Russian president Putin, he will work on eliminating the nuclear advantage the U.S. has…saying he wants to iradicate our nuclear weapons, he will drastically reduce the military budget. Now all of this sounds like he has “bought” in to the good Reverand’s idea that we (the United States) are the real terror to be taken care of. Remember also that this is the reverand who is close with Louis Farakan who stated that George W. Bush blew up the levies in New Orleans to destroy the blacks in that city. I am pretty simple when it comes to putting two and two together. What I am hearing is that O’Bama agrees with many of the philosophies espoused by the Rev. Wright but maybe doesnt like the way he said it. When it is all over and done with, it really doesnt matter the way he said it…what matters is the implementation of a policy. Senator O’bama is a frightening look at the “America is at fault” sentiment of the far left wing radicals. We have already seen his refusal to place his hand ver this heart for the pledge of allegience and the refusal to wear the flag lapel pin. The bottom line which should be very telling is that Im sure the terrorist in Iraq, Iran, and all the world are hoping and praying for an O’Bama presidency. Nuff Said!

    47. Todd says:

      BIG MAC


      MCCAIN 47
      OBAMA 40

    48. Tina says:

      Lisab, Right wing radio has been all over this one. When this media is behind an issue, it can not be stopped. Specifically, Savage, Levin, Hannity, and Rush.

      The Dinonsaur Media is in the pocket of the Clintons, so they will try to help Obama.

      We really have to see whether Obama stabalizes. I still think he gets the nomination, but he is wounded in the GE.

      I know some liberals from the MArin County area who will not vote for Obama and I can not say the reason why. You fill in why.

    49. Tina says:

      Meant they won’t help Obama – the dinosaur media…

    50. Tina says:

      David, cool site btw.

    51. Tim says:

      She won’t answer. I think she got mad at me on another thread, and slinked away. LOL

    52. Tina says:

      I saw Tim – and I commented on that other thread btw.

    53. Cory says:

      david, if you’re willing to swallow those lies about Obama without investigation or critical thinking, then you sacrifice the possibility that your opinion might be worth listening to.

    54. Cory says:

      And by the way david, he’s not Irish. You should learn how to properly spell his last name.

    55. Tina says:

      Jesse Hi-Jackson won’t condemn Adolf Wright. Very interesting…

      The Civil War continues and Benito Obama and the Adolf Wright Saga continues.

      Who said that it would be over with last Saturday? Harry???

    56. Dwu says:


      While we may never know all the facts of this disgusting affair (in part, because Obama has obsfucated on the issue), I think David is closer to the truth than not.

      Obama has now been exposed as lying about and/or covering up this whole Wright mess. With the evidence that his wife and his advisor and mentor have extremist and unfavorable views about America, it is a fair assumption that Obama himself at least in part agrees with them. At the very least, he tolerates hate and isn’t strong enough to speak out against it (until its politically expedient to do so).

      Again, Obama’s been cute in trying to cover this up with his speech yesterday, but make no mistake; the damage has been done, and it’s permanent b/c it strikes at the very essence of his candidacy.

    57. Howard Dean says:

      You think there are more tapes out there?

      Slow bleed….

    58. Tina says:

      Why didn’t Obama just leave the “church? Nobody around here can not answer it.

      We only get – “he’s not slipping in the polls” or its a weekend story – this said last Saturday.”

      Obama’s judgment is in question.

    59. Tina says:

      There are possible Obama ties to another Pastor Meeks sp? – this just breaking.

      When it rains it pours and nobody is ever happy in liberal land, are they?

    60. Dwu says:

      Let’s see…we have his angry wife, his minister and advisor, this Meeks fella, the New Black Panthers on his web site, asking for Al Sharpton’s endorsement, perhaps meeting with Louis Farrakhan.

      This can’t look good to the average American.

    61. Greg from MD says:

      In a way, I think there is an interesting similarity between Obama and Eliot Spitzer. That similarity is – their respective “problems” could have been avoided by others, but both set their individual public morality standards at nothing short of perfection. As a result, anything short of that perfection results in total devastation. Compare that to Bubba Clinton, who came in under the pretense of being a sleazeball, and it all disappears. Now that there is blood in the water, Obama’s going to hear at least another 6 weeks of dents in his armor of perfection, which I think will do him in among Joe Public.

    62. david says:

      Thanks for the comments. I think you hit when you said it brings his judgement into question…That is going to be a problem with him and his inexperience…Lack of judgement.
      CORY….thanks for the heads up on obama’s spelling of his name…just a mistake.. and I am not accepting lies anymore than anyone else who has seen the pictures and the stories…I quess you have to look at the whole picture and then decide…I have and do not trust him but more importantly do not like any of his policies and believes…to me they perpetuate a culture of death and immorality and a giving over of fight against terror. That’s enough to convince me he is not worthy of being commander-in-chief.

    63. rdelbov says:

      Here is the latest on the Texas Caucus. I am in the let Obama win crowd now(especially by denying revotes in MI and FL) but matters are simmering in Texas

      The Clinton campaign has filed a complaint with over 2,000 violations of the rules. This is really sad that the party of count every vote come down to this.

      Here is a new complaint that the Clinton camp yes. At several locations instead of having a written roll with say the names of the 70 Obama supporters written down on one sheet and the names of the 50 Clinton supporters on another sheet. You just have 70 for Obama on a sheet and 50 for Clinton on another sheet. The officers in charge just relied on a head or a hand count without signing people in. Well you know you have to registered to vote to be at a caucus and you have to live the precinct. How do you verify it without a name and address?

      This is like Duval County in 1948 when 225 people came in to vote at 7:30 in alpabetical order. What a joke.

    64. Dwu says:


      Agree 100%. Obama cultivated a Jesus-like persona (America can only find salvation through me).

      Thus, when he’s caught in this racist mess and then lying about it, his fall has been hard.

    65. maelstrom says:

      Besides being a pastor, James Meeks is an IL State Senator and served in the statehouse with Obama and his mentor, Senate President Emil Jones. Meeks and Jones were once rivals. In 2002, Jones supported Shaw over Meeks in the primary. Governor Blagovich has visited Meeks’ church seeking support on at least one occasion. The Governor is of course Public Official A in Rezko indictment.

      Does someone need to to draw the press a map? I have said it many times, go to Springfield. The dirt is there. Follow the money.

    66. maelstrom says:

      My mistake. Meeks did not serve with Obama in the IL state senate. He won in 2004, defeating the incumbent Shaw who was supported by Emil Jones. Meeks was supported by Congressman Jess Jackson Jr.

      Because the Democrats now control everything in IL, they are subdivided and it’s difficult to know who’s who without a program. They do come together on occasion for the common greed.

    67. maelstrom says:

      “Who is the Reverend James Meeks and why are his pews full of politicians?”

    68. greg says:

      There was never any doubt that the media would fall all over itself accepting Obama’s speech. They tried to hide this story to begin with.

      Anyway, it’s interesting how Obama took exposure of the anti-American and racist thoughts of his mentor and spiritual guide (and wife) and turned it around into an issue about Obama’s race.

      Most important about Wright’s (and Obama’s wife’s) rantings is their virulent anti-Americanism, and how Obama could continue to closely associate with someone and be mentored by such people for such a long period of time, without expressing his disagreement (if there was any). This issue went completely un-addressed by Obama, who instead made an issue about why Wright is justified in his thinking.

      The second issue about Wright’s rantings is about his unabashed racism and how Obama could continue to closely associate with someone and be mentored by such a person for such a long period of time, without expressing his disagreement (if there was any). Obama failed to address this issue, instead turning it around on whitey, telling him that failing to support affirmative action or welfare is equivalent to having the views of Wright. He also told white women that if they are afraid to walk alone by a group of black men, they are no better than Wright.

      Furthermore, at issues is if he had such a disagreement how he could subject the minds of his young children to such hate.

      I don’t see how anyone who didn’t have their respone already written could have thought that this was such a “historic” speech.

    69. Howard Dean says:

      Malik Zulu Shabazz, who has led the group since 2001, told World Net Daily later Wednesday that the Obama posting was removed for understandable political reasons.

      “It’s the game of politics,” Shabazz told World Net Daily, which originally broke the news of the Web page. “The Obama camp’s move to remove our blog doesn’t mean much because I understand politics. We still completely support Obama as the best candidate.”

      The NBPP is identified by the Southern Poverty Law Center, a tolerance education organization, as an extremist hate group. The Anti-Defamation League calls NBPP “the largest organized anti-Semitic black militant group in America. … Under Shabazz, the group continues to organize demonstrations across the country that blend inflammatory bigotry with calls for black empowerment and civil rights.”


      They think Obama is the best candidate.


    70. Tim V says:

      1. If a white minister preached sermons to his congregation and had used the “N” word and used rhetoric and words similar to members of the KKK, would you support a Democratic presidential candidate who decided to continue to be a member of that congregation?

      2. Would you support that candidate if, after knowing of or hearing those sermons, he or she still appointed that minister to serve on his or her “Religious Advisory Committee” of his or her presidential campaign?

      from huffpro

      tim,harry,and cory,
      what is your answer ?

    71. CambridgeRep says:

      I’m more and more confident that the Obama bubble is going to burst. I’m just not sure if it’s going to be in April 2008, October 2008, or March 2009. I increasingly fear it’ll be the latter. But at least then the crowd and labor unions will be completely disillusioned that their messiah couldn’t pull them out of Iraq instantly or kill NAFTA, thus miraculously bringing hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs back to the Rust Belt. (Hey, his own advisors have whispered that he’s all talk on these fronts!) I really don’t think President Obama is going to bring hope to America. Rather, he’s going to bring terrible malaise upon those starry-eyed supporters of his on the Left who have closed their eyes, drank his Kool Aid, and taken a remarkable leap of faith.

      And reading the NY Times today made me sicker than usual (frankly, I only read it because it’s international coverage is unmatched). Three stories and an editorial on the Obama speech, all of which were absolutely FAWNING. Historians (all of whom were cited were, I believe, longtime Obama supporters, although that wasn’t mentioned) saying it was the greatest oratory since the Ten Commandments, etc. There was absolutely no attempt to be objective. None.

    72. lisab says:

      check out daily kos

      they hate hillary now

      i was a little surprised at how bad it has gotten today, when i went to check

    73. harry says:

      74# It’s hard to imagine Obama being worse then what we have right now, but Republicans will try to pursuade voters that it’s posible.

    74. Tina says:

      Its not hard to have to persuade Republicans – Benito Obama is doing a good job on his own.

      His unfavorable rate is now @ 50%, or fairly close to it.

    75. anon says:

      #74 take heart: This Obamamanic bent of the ‘mainstream’ press is driving people away in droves.

      Would love to see ratings (matters to advertisers), but in just talking with liberals and independents, most have begun watching Fox to get balance, and no one wants to see a misrepresentation – undoubtedly happening regarding Obama.

      O’Reilly said his numbers quadrupled when he ran the Wright story.

      Regarding news sources who won’t be honets: Give ’em rope, they’ll do the rest.

    76. Tim says:

      Watching Fox to get balance? I realize that I’m posting on a site with a Conservative lean, but that is just laughable, to me.

    77. sam says:


      “His unfavorable rate is now @ 50%, or fairly close to it.”

      And that’s among Democrats.

    78. michael corleone says:


      I will admit that Fox has a conservative bias, but it is middle of the road compared to MSNBC. Let’s see…here is the MSNBC line-up

      David Greogory – Extremely liberal
      Chrissy Mathews — Liberal
      Olberman — Unhinged liberal lunatic
      Abrams — Liberal

    79. David says:

      lets hope Rush and all those that voted Hillary don’t regret it. I’ve always thought Obama would be the weaker candidate in November. If Clinton gets the nod, she might just win it all

    80. messy says:

      Clinton CANNOT win, and the polls were taken BEFORE the famous speech.

    81. GEAUXLSU says:

      I am always amused by the predictable “anti-Fox” news lambasting from DEMS and their talking heads. In study after study by independent media watchdog groups Fox is routinely found to be the most balanced and to provide the most fair coverage. Yet we get the same bias claim over and over with absolutely no evidence provided to support their claims. Truth is so hard to deal with for some people.

    82. anon says:

      #79: Maybe you missed the key word: BALANCE.

      Also, I’m not a conservative. Just interested in finding the truth which is unobtainable unless you consult a BALANCE of news sources.

    83. Drew says:

      I still think its too early to write Obama off. Most of these polls, actually all of them as far as I know, were taken prior to his speech in Philadelphia on Tuesday. If Hillary’s lead in PA continues to grow despite the speech I would say he’s got a serious problem. That said, even if he loses to Hillary by say 20 points or more in PA, he has to lose the remaining primarys by similar margins for her to close the gap in pledged delegates significantly. The real worry, though, is that the superdelegates he needs to secure the nomination are going to start to defect to the Clinton camp. But his campaign still has a ton of money, and alot of enthusiastic volunteers and staff who won’t be detered by this controversy, and that can go a long way towards keeping him viable, perhaps not in PA, but nationally and in the remaining primary states.

    84. Ken says:

      rdelboy…regarding post #44…what made it a great speech was the fact that he didn’t politicise the issue of race. In fact, he was saying that we need to rise above the politics of it if we are to make any further progress. Yet I come here and all I see is people trying to politicise the speech and the race issue. It is a moral issue, that should transcend political boundaries. Stop focusing on the symptoms of it (Wright) and look at the bigger picture….

    85. MTR says:

      #87: The bigger picture is that Obama didn’t address any of the specifis of what Wright said. Does he agree or disagree with the statement “God Damn America?”

      Likewise, he came off as accusing white middle class Americans of oppressive racism. This doesn’t come off very well… I don’t need a wealthy, privileged guy like Obama telling me that I’m a racist or that I’m in any kind of positive to oppress someone like him.

    86. Ken says:

      #88 Again, stop focusing on the symptoms of racism…if things are going to be made better you have to look at the root cause. Obama made it clear he disagreed with Wright on things he said. I don;t hink he needs to expand on that…it would take the focus away from the bigger issue and point he is trying to make. I didn’t see anything accusatory at all in the speech and I have read it twice. There were real life observations in it to point out symptoms of racism on both sides. I don’t know whether I will vote for Mr. Obama, but I know a great speech when I see it. It was bold, honest and profound, in my opinion. Try not letting your political persuasions get in the way of being objective.

    87. Drew says:

      What speech were you watching? Check the transcript of the speech ‘I have already condemned, in unequivocal terms, the statements of Rev. Wright that have caused such controversy’ to which he adds those remarks were not only wrong but divisive’ and that they ‘expressed a profoundly distorted view of this country’. Sounds pretty strong to me. He not required to reiterate the remarks verbatim, he acknowledged the remarks as a whole, and rejected them similarly. As for accusing the ‘white middle class’ of racisim, indeed he opines that what made Wrights views distorted was his position that white racism was endemic. What I think Obama touched on thats important is that he reckognized that race and the history of racism in this nation has shaped the views and political attitudes of many in the black community, and that while Rev. Wrights comments were deplorable, they represented that anger and resentment that many black americans feel. That doesnt make it right, but it was at least an honest and sober observation of race and how it shapes politics in this country.

    88. rdelbov says:

      Not good enough. He did not stand that Rev. Wright was wrong all the time so what part of the time was he right and what time was he wrong?

      He insisted that Much of what rev. wright thinks is justified. So what part is he referring to?

    89. Harry says:

      People sure seem uptight about this election. I couldn’t be happier. A no lose situation. A Dem wins I’m happy. McCain wins, the destruction and decline of the American empire continues. I think I’ll vote for McCain.

    90. Ken says:

      rdelboy – I don’t think anything anything any of us say would convince you otherwise

    91. Drew says:

      So now Obama needs to villify everything his pastor of over 20 years has said? He addressed the comments that were contraversial, which would be the 9/11 comment and the ‘God damn America’ speech. What else do you all want him to do, burn his effigy in public?

    92. Drew says:

      For some insight take a look at what Mike Huckabee had to say about this issue.

      ‘And I’m going to be probably the only conservative in America who’s going to say something like this, but I’m just telling you: We’ve got to cut some slack to people who grew up being called names, being told, “You have to sit in the balcony when you go to the movie. You have to go to the back door to go into the restaurant. And you can’t sit out there with everyone else. There’s a separate waiting room in the doctor’s office. Here’s where you sit on the bus.” And you know what? Sometimes people do have a chip on their shoulder and resentment. And you have to just say, I probably would too. I probably would too. In fact, I may have had a more, more of a chip on my shoulder had it been me.’

    93. Harry says:

      It is very important to conservatives to have the best seats on the Titanic.

    94. rdelbov says:

      Oh I am open to sweet reason about Obama. I am all into second chances.
      I have been blessed with hundreds of them in my life.

      For Obama to rise above this issue he needs to say “my presence in the church when Rev. Wright said blank(whatever he found offensive) was supportive of what he said and that was wrong. The 1st time I heard I should have said something to Rev. Wright about it. The second time he continued on about it I should have wrote a letter. The third time I should have just left the church.”

      Here some news for you. Rev. Wright is not changing. Now he may modify his talk until after Nov, but he does not regret anything he says. So Obama hanging with this church does not appear to be honest with his Obama’s speech. Unless Obama sends the Rev. Wright a list of what he disagrees with him on.

    95. Harry says:

      Blah blah blah. Nothing has changed in this race.

    96. rdelbov says:

      Obama down everywhere against Clinton
      obama down everywhere against McCain

      Nothing changed

    97. rdelbov says:

      I meant to also say that while nothing Obama could say would convince me to vote for him.

      I cannot believe that after 20 years of listening to Wright or for that matter any minister there was not a “did he say that? or did he say that Michelle? or do you think he meant that?” moment that Obama could not share with us. Maybe I just pay attention a little bit more in Church or maybe I am little more critical of what ministers say. I for one and I think perhaps the 100 million plus weekly attenders of religious services in the USA wonder what his “ouch” limits are? What makes you squirm Obama?

      I say this is a fair question because of his 20 year church association. Maybe I should not make it personal, but its the natural question that any church attendee would have for Obama and if you are not attendee you really do not know what I am talking about.

    98. Drew says:

      Just because our pastor, or priest may say things that we disagree with, does not mean we are obligated to desert that faith entirely. I’m sure some Catholics don’t agree with the Church’s stance on abortion, or on the death penalty. Should they then, repiduate priests who preach homilies that affirm those beliefs? From what I’ve read the average service at Trinity was an uplifting, and positive, spiritual experience, which may explain the church’s popularity in the Chicago area. I think the fact that after pouring over, as I understand it, thousands of hours of sermons we were able to find only a handful of, admittedly, controversial and condemnation worthy remarks, serves to reinforce this. Are we trying to say that because Obama didnt up and quite the church when his pastor said something contraversial, that he tacitly agrees with those remarks? The simpler answer is, I think, that Obama, like the thousands of other parisioners at Trinity who undoubtedly were there for the remarks in question, rejected those statements, but understood they were not representative of the overall spiritual message of the church, and for that reason chose to stay on as loyal parisoners. I don’t see how thats unreasonable, millions of Americans do the same thing every sunday.