Obama Leads In Texas, Hillary Leads In Pennsylvania

    So says Scott Rasmussen in his latest primary polls for the states of Texas and Pennsylvania.

    Barack Obama 48%
    Hillary 44%

    Hillary 46%
    Barack Obama 42%

    The TX poll was done February 27th among 503 likely voters. The PA poll was done February 26th among 820 likely voters.

    UPDATE (1:00pm): Another polling firm, one I have never heard of, has a new poll from Texas. The polling firm is called People Calling People.

    Barack Obama 40%
    Hillary 33%

    No dates were given on this poll, but they did call 9418 likely voters, which is quite high.

    UPDATE (5:53pm): Another poll from Texas, this time Insider Advantage.

    Hillary 47%
    Barack Obama 43%

    This poll was done February 27 among 591 likely voters.

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    35 Responses to “Obama Leads In Texas, Hillary Leads In Pennsylvania”

    1. Eph Rove says:


    2. rdelbov says:

      Without a win in Texas its turn off the lights the party over for Hillary.

      I just sense its too soon to write her off yet

    3. Tim says:

      Yep. She loses Texas, that’s the ballgame.

    4. Michael says:

      Thats why the GOP should vote for her…just to drag it out…and let Clinton ATTEMPT to pound on him. This will do one of three things. Because i still think Obama gets the nominationl.

      1. Make Obama spend some more money
      2. Make the Clintons look bad
      3. The Clintons may really start acting crazy if they think they really have a shot…and may help tear Obama down a bit (using democratic money)

      BTW…i saw a poll somewhere, where Obama was viewed as Liberal by 55% if the people…Most of that 55% comes from the GOP and DEMs (i would think) …so i think this proves how little the INDY’s know about him.

      I imagine by the time we get done with him that number will rise tremendously.

      seriously, I wounder how many INDY’s know about.

      1) His past belief that all handguns should be banned
      2) His believe in Partial Birth Abortion (which 80% if americans are againis)
      3) i guess many know about the Drivers licences thing.

      Not to mention, the cost of an entitlement that will eventually be bigger that Social Security. Do Indy’s trust the government to manage that money better than they have S.S or Medicare? Obama’s plan cost about 200 billion a year….much more than the war in iraq …and that 200 billion will grow every single year until this country is backrupt….where this war in iraq, will start to fade away…and less and less money will be spent there.


      1) shady ties to shady people
      2) tax raiser
      3) no clue how to deal with dictors
      4) He told the world he would never use Nukes
      5) He is going to send troops back to iraq to deal with AQ? WHAT? deal with the there now…how is he going to bring all the troops home by the end of 2009?
      6) Lying to the American people already about Public Funding.
      7) Michelle Obama and his refusal to wear the American Flag pin on his lapel
      8) RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA…if i was McCain i would pound him on Russia! Russia is trying to become a power again…taunting us about a dozen times or so with their aircraft…behind the riots in the Balkins…and Againist our defense shield…which is working just about every time it is tested now.

      These are just off the top of my head.

    5. I still think Hillary has about a 30% chance of winning both TX and OH and winning the Democrat nomination.

      In other news Obama and McCain are walking away with Vermont.

    6. Zipota says:

      I think President Clinton should be blamed for his wife’s downfall because he wouldn’t keep his mouth shut via the news media.

    7. Steve says:


      I hear so many like you saying we should vote for Hillary to tie up Obama money, etc. And my question is “Why would I want to do that?” Get rid of HRC while she is down. What do we have to worry about Obama that we need him tied down with other concerns for the next months. If we cannot win on our own merits we are already in trouble. I say, let HRC out of the race and bring Obama on. We don’t need HRC doing any damage if we have a worthy candidate.

    8. Bonncaruso says:

      Steve has a point worth thinking about.

    9. sam says:

      BTW, the general election looks better day by day. Here’s the latest from Florida.

      “McCain leads both Obama and Clinton in potential general-election match ups with either candidate in the all-important swing state of Florida, according to a Mason-Dixon poll out today.

      McCain leads Obama 47%-37% and Clinton 49%-40%. The Arizona senator leads the Democrats across the board. About 80% of Republicans are behind McCain. Only 66% of Democrats are behind Obama and 72% are backing Clinton in one-one-one match-ups with McCain. Currently, 17% of Democrats indicate that in a match up with Obama, they’d support McCain; 16% say so in a match up with Clinton.”

      My guess is, about 1 in 6 or 7 Dems will vote for McCain all over the country, with about 50-40 split among Independents in his favor. This is going to be interesting.

    10. Tina says:

      A cautionary flag for Obama

      48% now view him unfavorably in Ras. This is approaching a way too high level imo.

    11. Dariel says:

      #6 – would it surprise you to know that Obama’s campaign – with the compliance of the media – set up the whole “race bating” thing with Bill Clinton? That Bill Clinton never used the “race card”? This story – linked below – came out on MSNBC last night. I doubt we will hear much more about it because of the love afair with Obama right now – but McCain and the Republicans had better beware. Obamas team will do ANYTHING to win the Presidency.

    12. Michael says:

      7. I understand what you are saying…I think the odds of her getting the nomination are about 20%. I just think its best to let them drag it out as long as possible…it will only hurt the Democratic Party…Perhaps even causing some of Hillary’s supports to go with McCain. I think i saw were 75% of Dems would be happy with either one…so that leaves 25% up for grabs…and the nastier it gets, and the longer this plays out…that divide will continue.

      This is just my opinion of course.

    13. Michael says:

      10. Those negitives will do nothing but go up. Like i said before…i dont think the INDY’s know much about him yet…if 55% think he is liberal (and that number is made up mostly of R’s and D’s) ….once the Indy’s get exposed to the truth..that number will rise up around 75 to 80% in my opinion.

    14. Michael says:

      9 Sam.

      Thanks for that update…that is a good sign…i wonder how people down there feel about the Democratic Party screwing them…making their vote irrelavent…I have little doubt we will hold FLA.

      I really wonder if Michigan Voters are ticked off as well. That race is normally within around 4%.

      Once the folks in Michigan find out about Obama’s Gun Views and how high their taxes will have to go up to pay for all these entitlements. I wonder if Michigan and their 17 electoral votes will come into play.

      Especially if Mitt is on the ticket. (although i am not advocating for him)

    15. Michael says:

      11. that is quite interesting.

      Its going to be hard for them to label McCain that way, considering what happened in 2000 down here in SC. And the fact that he adopted a dark skin child.

    16. Robbie says:

      I find the high negatives for Obama to be very interesting, but not totally believable, yet. It’s quite possible a portion of those who view him negatively are Clinton supporters mad Hillary might lose. They might not like him now, but we all know they will like him in November when the White House is within their grasp.

      Still, these numbers mean potentially good things for McCain. Most Republicans have already rallied against him and so have some Democrats. These early numbers indicate why Republicans should vote for Hillary in Texas. The longer the race lasts, the more harm is done within the Democrat party. Another few months of this and some Clinton supporters might decide never to vote for Obama.

      That’s good news.

    17. Howard Dean says:

      These early numbers indicate why Republicans should vote for Hillary in Texas. The longer the race lasts, the more harm is done within the Democrat party. Another few months of this and some Clinton supporters might decide never to vote for Obama.

      That’s good news.

      Comment by Robbie — 2/28/2008

      Agreed 🙂

    18. Tina says:

      I/A poll just out shows Clinton up 4 in Texas.

      Caveat this pollster has been wrong consistently.

    19. lisab says:


      pretend i know nothing about mccain, or republicans, or south carolina …

      (is that even a real state? i thought we got rid of them during the civil war … we did win that war … didn’t we?)

      what exactly happened to mccain in south carolina in 2000?

    20. Houstonmike says:

      I agree with you Mike. Let’s finish off Hillary now. That is why my wife and I both crossed over and voted in the Dem primary [for Obama] to end the Clinton’s hopes once and for all.
      There is no guarantee Hillary would lose in the general so we couldn’t take that chance. Plus, I don’t believe Obama is this unbeatable force. I think in the end, he will turn out to be less of a threat than Hillary and McCain will take him out. Plus, what a great feeling it will be on election night in Texas, if Hillary wins with Dems, but loses the Texas primary because of Republicans. This is the real ‘great right wing conspiracy, Hillary’. And we’re taking you ought baby.

    21. lisab says:

      i think hillary would probably win …

      a.) it is probably a somewhat down year for republicans anyway

      b.)every bad thing under the sun will hit the papers, and every good thing will be shown in a bad light

      “news flash: cancer cured, thousands of health care professionals left unemployeed — dems charge that bush’s increased spending on cancer research to blame”

      c.) mccain isn’t that great a candidate — even if you like him, and i don’t, he is kind of a mean old man isn’t he?

      d.) obama would probably support hillary if she won the nomination by winning the popular delegate count, and might even agree to the vp slot, thus healing the party and wrapping up the aa vote

      e.)money would flow into hillary like water, ever politician who ever owed them a favor would turn over their funraising lists to hillary. obama will probably raise 100 million easily for the general. a victorious hillary would raise more.

    22. Jeff G says:

      I have to agree with some earlier comments. The sooner Obama pounds her into submission, electorally speaking, the better off the GOP is. The Clintons are fighters who will do and say anything to win. If you don’t get her out while she’s down, she just may recover enough to take this thing. McCain can beat Obama on his own merits. According to Rasmussen, Obama’s negatives are already nearing 50 percent.

      The United States is still basically a conservative nation. People are upset about the way Iraq has gone, but they’re not ready to convert to socialism over it. Enough people will see that McCain can at least effectively manage a war they don’t want, but that they perceive needs to be ended the right way. McCain is the only perceived moderate remaining in the race. He’ll win as long as he doesn’t do anything outrageous.

    23. Harry says:

      True the country is conservative. In 1960, 1976 and 1992 the Dems took it away from Republicans. The Republicans are in worse shape this year then any of the past defeats. McCain has been a household name for ages. Yet he trails in 5 of the last 8 national polls.even his leads are minimal.The Dems will be exposing conservative perverts at timely intravels in the coming months.

    24. Robbie says:

      While McCain may trail in 5 of the last 8 national polls, I think you should remember this. Many of the polls which show a deficit use only RV’s. That is a group which never favors Republicans. The polls which use LV’s show McCain very close or ahead. Also the AP/Ipsos poll consistently showed Kerry ahead in 2004.

      As for Hillary, I’m not saying we should vote for her in Texas because we want her to be the nominee. I’m saying we want to extend the process through Pennsylvania. The longer it lasts, the more division. Just today a Latina Hillary supporter said she could never support Obama because he is black. Let them fight for a another month.

    25. Houstonmike says:

      Robbie, I can understand your reasoning how you want the process to continue to Pennsylvania so they will keep beating each other up. But if you let Hillary off the mat, and she wins big in Pennsylvania, I don’t care what the delegate count is, she could still pull it out. Then she will put Barack on the ticket as VP to soften the anger from blacks…they will come around and we will be in big trouble. Then they will get a big woman vote, Latino vote and black vote. That is why I say, let’s not try to be Machiavellan, let’s take Hillary out now!

    26. Michael says:

      Jeff G…the thing is…she is going to have to win the rest of the states by an average of 60 to 40 …i just think thats impossible. Especially give that some of these states are states that Obama will do well it.

      At the very least this battle needs to go to PA….PA is a state that we may can pick up…it would be helpful if Clinton spent MILLIONS bashing him and his inexperience. Perhaps even playing the race card again. (more carefully) by suggesting that “Obama’s associates are going to be used againist by the GOP” ….i know thats somewhat what she did down here in SC…but this time she doesnt mean because Obama’s black…but because he is associated with shady characters.

      Fine line, I know….again, let her spend millions in PA. bashing the liberal SOB ….the gun issue is really going to hurt him in that state as well.

      And lisab….i sense that was sarcasm? I am not good at reading “tone” on here. As much as you have been around this board. (for years) …i have to believe you know what happened in SC.

      and nope, you didnt get rid of us in the civil war …or as we call it…”The War of Northern Aggression”

      We are still down here loving life on the beaches in the summer, the mountains in the winter, and the lakes all year round.

      And everyone is going to love McCain’s future running mate Mark Sanford…the guy kicks ass…he has vetoed just about every spending bill that has crossed his desk…i think it is something like 106 our of 107 …most were overriden by his own party. After words he walked right into the chamber of congress, with two pigs under his arms…Named Pork and Barrell …and let them run the halls of Congress.

      I love that man! I actually worked for him for a brief time.

      However…i am not advocating for him…i perfer the Honorable Sarah Palin.

    27. Anon says:

      “i perfer the Honorable Sarah Palin.”

      The GOP needs Sarah Palin BADLY to offset McCain’s age.

    28. Rachel says:

      #14 – “Once the folks in Michigan find out about Obama’s Gun Views and how high their taxes will have to go up to pay for all these entitlements. I wonder if Michigan and their 17 electoral votes will come into play.”

      Taking away guns in Michigan would be the equivalent of taking away all sports channels in the rest of the country.

    29. maelstrom says:

      Guns are an important issue in Western PA and OH too. Kerry’s faux goose hunting trip was in OH trying to shore up the gun vote.


    30. Tina says:

      I predicted this last week, that the gun issue (extending it into crime) will be a big issue. With Obama, he is a gun grabber even worse than Kerry (or Clinton for that matter).

      His gun ban votes are documented as is him wanted to give rights to burglars that were injured entering one’s homes.

      Oh Well – its a Democrat problem – not an Rs.

    31. lisab says:

      “And lisab….i sense that was sarcasm? I am not good at reading “tone” on here. As much as you have been around this board. (for years) …i have to believe you know what happened in SC.”

      nope … not sarcasm. are you referring to mccain fathering a child with a black prostitute? not supporting the confederate flag? his wife being a former drug addict?

      in any case dang … i thought we won the civil war …saddled with those pesky southern states …

      how about two out of three? if you win we’ll agree to admit georgia into the union … if we win … you have to leave? what say …

    32. Tim says:

      Lisa, are you terrorizing someone else? I’m jealous!

    33. Michael says:

      Lisa believe it or not, technically i do not live in your Union now. So there would be no reason for me to leave. I live in Horry County SC. This is the only county in the south that never rejoined the union. We are still our own Nation and i am quite content with that. Our major revenue comes from many Yanks, visiting our beautiful Myrtle Beach.

    34. lisab says:

      nothing against you personally Michael …

      so where is sc anyway? just on the other side of the hudson river? i visited foxwoods casino once … i didn’t see any plantations though 🙂

    35. Michael says:

      Presently I am in Mrytle Beach (horry county) …I am doing a housing development down here. But my actually residence is in the Upstate 15 miles from Clemson University and 20 miles from the famous Bob Jones University (aka, the heart of the bible belt)…But i am going to stay down here through the summer at the beach house…and SIN LIKE HELL…this fall i will be back in the Upstate to repent…lol