Final Survey USA/ARG Polls In MD and VA

    Things haven’t changed much in Maryland, where McCain and Obama are still cruising, but things surely have tightened up on the GOP side in Virgina. The latest polls from Maryland (R/D) and Virginia (R/D) from Survey USA.


    McCain 52%
    Huckabee 26%
    Paul 10%
    Obama 55%
    Hillary 32%


    McCain 48%
    Huckabee 37%
    Paul 7%
    Obama 60%
    Hillary 38%

    The MD poll was done February 9-10 among 368 Republicans and 774 Democrats. The VA poll was done February 9-10 among 385 Republicans and 596 Democrats.

    I guess we aren’t going to get anything from DC….

    UPDATE (6:36pm): American Research Group also has some last minute polls out of both Maryland (R/D) and Virginia (R/D).


    McCain 50%
    Huckabee 25%
    Paul 11%
    Obama 55%
    Hillary 37%


    McCain 54%
    Huckabee 32%
    Paul 5%
    Obama 56%
    Hillary 38%

    Interesting American Research Group has a much larger lead for McCain in Maryland…oh wait…no it’s not. This poll was done February 8-9 among 600 likely voters in each party.

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    17 Responses to “Final Survey USA/ARG Polls In MD and VA”

    1. DLCLI says:

      First! Yeah.

    2. asa says:

      Wow!! With all the lovable coverage by the media, Obama cannot even break 50% in general Election matchups against McCain.

      Once Obama’s good buddy, indicted Fundraiser Tony Resko, goes to Federal Court in Chicago, he will crash and burn.

    3. Eph Rove says:


    4. David says:

      VA’s race between McCain and Huckabee is too close for comfort.

    5. Indy says:

      I think the Rezko stuff pales in comparison to the Bill Clinton’s Cash for Kazakh Uranium deal.

      But the Uranium Deal likely just scratches the surface. And most of it is a natural part of getting billionaires to write $130 million checks to your foundation. They want something in return. It’s part of the deal. However, when the something in return is connected at the hip with the leader of the free world it is a problem.

    6. Todd says:

      agreed, good thing its winner take all….

    7. Everett W. says:

      I imagine that pollsters looked for a DC Republican Party to survey and just couldn’t find one.

    8. rdelbov says:

      8th Trying to think of a witty way to describe DC GOP

    9. Jake says:

      Here’s some more good news for Obama with data from MD, VA, and a rare survey of DC. This survey also does a nice job of looking at precincts to generate a delegate prediction from each contest. Long story short, they’re projecting that Obama could have a net gain of 31 delegates tommorrow. Of course, I’ve given up believing any pollsters this year…

    10. Tim says:

      Great picture of RFK on that DCGOP site. I saw Frank Howard hit a homer there, more years ago than I care to remember.

    11. Tim says:

      It was called D.C Stadium, then. (I think?)

    12. David says:

      I think the ARG poll much better than the SurveyUSA poll (for McCain).

    13. David says:

      The SurveyUSA is probably closer since it is after Huckabee’s LA and KS victories.

    14. Zipota says:

      I really feel sorry for Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) for losing primaries/caucuses for her party’s presidential nomination several times in a row as of late, and her losing streak is likely to continue for tomorrow’s Chesapeake Primaries.

    15. David says:

      What a missed opportunity. As the Democrat race is in turmoil, John McCain could have a chance to get a head start for November, but no, spoiler Huckabee and his supporters want to divide the party.

    16. bio mom says:

      I am rapidly losing all respect for Mike Huckabee.