IA: Huckabee and Obama Surge Into Lead

    Another poll from Iowa that shows both Mike Huckabee and Barack Obama moving ahead of Mitt Romney and Hillary, respectively. The latest comes from The Des Moines Register.

    Mike Huckabee 29%
    Mitt Romney 24%
    Rudy Giuliani 13%
    Fred Thompson 9%
    John McCain 7%
    Ron Paul 7%
    Tom Tancredo 6%
    Duncan Hunter 1%
    Alan Keyes 0%
    John Cox 0%

    Barack Obama 28%
    Hillary 25%
    John Edwards 23%
    Bill Richardson 9%
    Joe Biden 6%
    Chris Dodd 1%
    Dennis Kucinich 1%
    Mike Gravel 0%

    Once is an anomaly, twice is a coincidence, three times is a trend…we have three showing Obama ahead of Hillary and two showing Huckabee ahead of Romney…see them all here….

    This poll was done November 25-28 among 500 likely voters.

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    30 Responses to “IA: Huckabee and Obama Surge Into Lead”

    1. Jake says:

      Two very good horseraces. Gotta love it.

    2. anne smith says:

      why is Hillary never given a last name? No one refers to “Barak” or “Mitt” whose names are also distinctive enough to stand alone. Is this a sexist thing?

    3. Jake says:

      Anne – I’ve heard people make the argument that calling her “Hillary” is sexist and disrespectful. Ordinarily, I would agree. However, since the Clinton campaign stickers and propaganda actually say HILLARY in big old letters, I guess that’s what they want the candidate to be called.

      Personally, I don’t like it. And I always call her Clinton.

    4. Howard Dean says:

      Is this a sexist thing?

      Comment by anne smith รขโ‚ฌโ€ 12/2/2007 @


      I rad an article that a bunch of men were sitting around, and reminded each other that Hillary! is a woman.

      As such, they agreed to call her Hillary!


    5. Jake says:

      But I say again, the candidate herself is advertising as HILLARY 08. That’s what she wants to be called. So how can you say that calling her Hillary is sexist?

      Check out the banner at the website:

    6. David says:

      Bad News, I hope actually gets the Demorat nod and I i have said before of here, We Republicans are in great trouble if Huckabee gets the Republican nod…no matter who the Democrat winner is.

    7. Jake says:

      Whatever we call her… The fact is that she’s about to grow fangs. I expect the Clinton campaign to start coming after Obama in a very serious way. Frankly, I’m surprised they haven’t already.

      This Iowa thing is only part of the problem for her. Obama is creeping up nationally, in NH and SC. If he wins any two of the first three, I think she’s in trouble.

    8. Erich says:

      How about ‘Senator Big Thighs’…Is that disrespectful and sexist? ๐Ÿ˜€

    9. lisab says:

      well, why do people call rudy, rudy?

      and why does cbs like to call bush, mr. bush instead of mr. president?

    10. Howard Dean says:

      well, why do people call rudy, rudy?

      Good point.

      I think with both Hillary! and Rudy, it’s a name recognition thing.

      You know who is referenced without their last name.

    11. Wes says:

      Why does Lisa loathe eating meat, make inane statements to Tim, and have a remarkable inability to capitalize anything in her posts? Some questions it’s just better not to have answers to.

    12. CambridgeRep says:

      I prefer to call her “Clinton,” but her own signs that were up all over when she was running for Senate in 2000 said, “Hillary!” I think it was done more to differentiate herself from another Clinton, and it’s essentially stuck.

    13. lisab says:

      “Why does Lisa loathe eating meat, make inane statements to Tim, and have a remarkable inability to capitalize anything in her posts? ”

      because, apart from being healthier and a much better use of the world’s food resources, vegetarianism doesn’t involve killing a defenceless animal in a cruel and heartless way.

      i think tim is an unscrupulous liar and a vapid little toady

      i have the ability to capitalize, but it being a free country and all …

    14. process says:

      Who the heck is John Cox? And Alan Keyes is actually running again???

    15. It’s important to remember that the Des Moins poll has an end date before the the ARG poll.

      Putting data through Samplmiser (essentially a WMA) produces the following result : Huckabee 27 (and change) Romney 27 Fred Thompson 13 Giuliani 10 John McCain 9 and Ron Paul 3. For more detailed figures and charts visit:

    16. IP727 says:

      hillary the early years

    17. Dan says:

      Completely classless.

    18. lisab says:


      don’t worry, those kind of attacks don’t hurt hillary, they help her …

    19. Tim says:

      Lisa, kiss my a**. (And, while you’re at it, take a hike. LOL)

    20. Tim says:

      John Cox is one of those habitual candidates. He has run for everything you can think of in Illinois. Some of the Chicago folks, like pw or Corey, could give more details.

    21. Tim says:

      Vegetarianism does involve killing a defenseless plant. Plus, it promotes the skin pigmentation of Casper the Friendly Ghost.

    22. Tim says:

      But, on subject; again tonight, one of the co-hosts on my radio show flatly predicted that Governor Huckabee would win the nomination.
      Even a month ago, who would have seriously thought that possible?

    23. lisab says:

      “Lisa, kiss my a**.”

      not for all the tea in china

    24. Wes says:

      Notice Lisa did not say her comments directed at Tim were not inane. By the way, Lisa, history’s most famous vegetarian–a certain German dictator born in Austria–wasn’t exactly a paragon of kindliness and virtue, was he? Just as another aside before I head out to jam with my band, Lisa, ever seen what wild animals do to each other? They’re just slightly more cruel than we humans–I mean, hell, humboldt squids devour each other when trapped in nets. It seems to me animals are a tad bit crueler to each other than we are to them, my meat-hating friend.

    25. Tina says:

      I call her H-Beast or Hildabeast.

    26. lisab says:

      “Notice Lisa did not say her comments directed at Tim were not inane.”


      de gustibus non est disputandum.

      i can’t help what you think.

    27. lisab says:

      carnivores have to eat meat or they will die. humans do not.

      leonardo da vinci was also a vegetarian, and ghengis khan and stalin were not. so what?

    28. lisab says:

      ummmm … also why do you care if i don’t eat meat?

      it is a free country — patriot act nonwithstanding.

    29. Wes says:

      It’s something to needle you about, Lisa. Your reactions are priceless. By the way, nowhere did I advocate forcing you to do anything you didn’t want to do. I just enjoying seeing you get riled up in defense of yourself.

    30. lisab says:

      ummmm … ok, but i don’t actually get “riled”

      i’m more the granola eating yoga type

      i think it is safe to say neither tim nor i have ever gotten angry or emotional in any of our fights. he’s a professional toady, it is what he does for a living. and i don’t actually care what he thinks.

      you may notice we only “fight” when he lies. if he plays it straight, or just gives a reasonable opinion we don’t clash. i have no problem with the dems winning per se. it is when he tries to manipulate people that i point it out.