LA: Kennedy Jumps In, Leads Landrieu By 7%

    Finally some good news for Republicans in next year’s election. John Kennedy has announced on his website that he will run for the US Senate next year against Democrat Mary Landrieu.

    In a little less than a year, Louisianians will go to the polls to elect our next United States Senator. In doing so, our people will decide who they want to represent our state and our values in Washington, D.C.

    I want you to be the first to know that today I will take the first steps and file the necessary paperwork to run for the United States Senate in 2008. I plan to officially kick off the campaign early next year. Please know that Becky and I made this decision carefully, after much thought, prayer and discussion.

    Over the next few months, I will lay the groundwork of support for an aggressive campaign that will focus on a frank discussion of the issues and how I will help move Louisiana forward working in tandem with our new reform leadership in Baton Rouge.

    He also links to a poll he commissioned from Democrat John Zogby that shows him in the lead.

    John Kennedy (R) 45%
    Mary Landrieu (D-Inc) 38%

    This poll does have some rust on it, being done October 10-14 among 1,001 likely voters and obviously has to be taken with a grain of salt since Kennedy paid for it himself.

    20 Responses to “LA: Kennedy Jumps In, Leads Landrieu By 7%”

    1. Corey says:

      A Senator Kennedy we can be proud of!

    2. Silver Republican says:

      Pardon my ignorance, what’s Kennedy’s background? Also, this poll posting is lacking some necessary information.

    3. Tina says:

      Toss it, if its paid by him.

    4. Andrew in NH says:

      Kennedy has been the state treasurer for LA since 1999. He recently changed from Democrat to GOP. In 2004, he ran for the open senate seat as a Democrat, only got 15% of the vote.

    5. Tina says:

      This is a red state now. Interesting tidbit, but still needs other polling to support.

      How much is Landreau blamed for the Katrina response?

    6. Daniel G. says:

      I have Information that Rasmussen will poll LA Senate Race next week.
      So, you’re right. Toss this Zogby Poll.

    7. Daniel G. says:

      She isn’t that much blamed for Katrina. Blanco was most responsible for that. By the way I watched Jindals victory speech last month.
      Seems to be he is a really good guy LA can be proud of.

    8. Tina says:

      Hopefully, he can strengthen out the mess. I know the city is very corrupt. But the local officials have not helped much at all based on the recovery in other areas affected by Katrina (MS – as an example).

    9. Tina says:

      Meant straighten out the mess.

    10. CambridgeRep says:

      I still tend to think Landrieu will pull through. She always plays dirty right at the end.

    11. Tim says:

      Bottom line; I still do not trust Zogby Polls. His polling was just a mess in 2004.

    12. Tommy Phillips aka (GOPGuy) says:


      I agree with you that this is a Zogby poll, he cannot be trusted after the his disasterous polling in 2004, he actually issued a public apology after the election… However, I believe we’ll see similar numbers from the Rasmussen poll next week, and unlike Zogby, Rasmussen is one of the best if not the best pollster in the Country!

      I look forward to seeing next weeks polling results;)

      Take care & God Bless,


    13. Bonncaruso says:

      Toss the poll, wait until other polls come out now that he has officially announced. Paying someone for your own poll is, well…

      But this is the seat the GOP can take in 2008. Landrieu is perhaps the only truly endangered DEM senatorial candidate in 2008.

    14. MDefl says:

      This is a possible GOP pickup. The math is still against the GOP in 08. There is no way around that.

      Jindal has proven that the GOP is now stronger in LA. That is not the case in most states.

      I agree that Zogby polls are pure trash.

    15. Furrier says:

      Zogby’s poll is enough to make one sit up and take notice, but not sufficient to say “Kennedy is leading.”

      Now that he is an announced candidate, polling by a more trustworthy pollster will enable us (and the campaigns) to evaluate the current situation.

    16. Tina says:

      No loving for Al-Zogby here at this site. I have filed away his polls since 2004, and do not even look at his interactive/online polls, or any polling firms that use this same kind of interactive polling.

    17. Tina says:

      The final straw for me was when he tried to rig a poll taken in Iraq, which by the way, the polls show that there has been a change in opinion. Just look at Ras poll yesterday.

    18. Zogby’s polls have a really bad track record, especially in 2004. Funny enough, the internet polling firm YouGov is one of the most respected UK firms which shows that internet polling can work.

      Speaking of polls it looks like Huckabee and Romney are in a dead heat in Iowa.

    19. Wes says:

      Zogby is a disaster as a pollster. Strangely in 1996 he alone got it right. That said, this race is close, and it is possible Landrieu may lose. High turnout in New Orleans reelected her by 52-48 against a weak incumbent she outspent 3.5-1 who didn’t respond to a fallacious attack Landrieu leveled against her. Kennedy can expected to be stronhger. The state’s GOP base is on the upswing. Blanco did her party no favors in 2005, though that only indirectly affects Landrieu herself. Can the GOP win? Yes. Are they likely to do so? Unknown, although if they seriously want to win (a dubious prospect given the fact that this IS the party of George W Bush and Rick “Terry Schiavo” Santorum”), then they’d better start planning out strategy now. We shall see.