Chip Franklin At The Howard County Republican Club

    Eleven days ago, I called Chip Franklin from WBAL an “ass” because it appeared he had canceled a scheduled appearance at our March meeting for Howard County Republican Club for a second time after previously canceling an apparance at our January meeting. Thankfully he was able to rearrange his schedule and did, in fact, appear last night (here was my retraction post) and I was glad he did. He spoke for a good 45 minutes on a range of political topics in Maryland as well as his radio career at WBAL radio. Plus he threw in a few jokes (he is a stand-up comedian as well). My earlier comments about him did come up, but he graciously diffused the situation with a few jokes. For that, I promised I wouldn’t doctor any of the photos to make him look bad….

    There is something else that happened that I can not for the life of me figure out. Being the secretary of the Howard County Republican Club, I usually end up carrying around a lot of the junk we put out on tables at events such as T-Shirts, newsletters, bumoer stickers, etc. Usually most of the stuff disappears by the end of the night as people take the stuff home with them. But somehow, everytime I attend one of these events, I seem to end uptaking home with me more Bush/Cheney ’04 stuff than I originally came to event with. In fact, last night I am positive there was nothing in my box other than a roll of Bush/Cheney stickers buried at the bottom of the box that we sometimes used during happy hours so people could identify themselves as part of the group. Yet when I got home last night, after tipping back a few to honor St. Patrick’s Day, there was a pile of 15 Bush/Cheney bumper stickers right near the top of the box that I am positive was not in the box when I came. Where the hell does this stuff come from? I’ve got a stack of at least 100 oval W’04 stickers that I seem to pick up at every Happy Hour we hold and I can’t get rid of them to save my life. Frankly I wish I could get some new Ehrlich stuff instead. Unless Jeb Bush is planning on running with Dick Cheney’s daughter as his running mate in 2008, this Bush/Cheney stuff isn’t going to do me much good.

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    4 Responses to “Chip Franklin At The Howard County Republican Club”

    1. Go DUKE!!! says:

      Up on top!

    2. pw says:

      He was an ass before he wasn’t an ass.

    3. McCain says:

      It sounds like you have immaculately conceiving bumper sticker. You can make a lot of money of that sort of thing on ebay. 🙂

    4. Greg from MD says:

      Just hold onto em for 20 years or so, then they’ll be valuable.