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    I finally picked up Hugh Hewiit’s book “Blog” from the library. I am reading the first chapter of the book where Hewiit is talking about the great milestones in blogging history and he gets to the topic of the 2004 electuon. On page 42, I read this line:

    Blogs like Jim Geraghty’s KerrySpot, Polipundit (, The Hedgehog Report (, and RealClearPolitics ( experienced enormous growth as the public swamped their servers as the election drew close.

    I had to do a double take when I saw my website address actually in print as part of a best-selling book. Unfortunately my traffic did not hold up as well as those other sites once the election eneded, but it was still cool to see me even linked with those great sites. But that was not the only mention of my site. on page 113, there is another mention.

    And there is a great deal more encouragement among the center-right for new entrants, a sort of “Welcome aboard, now grab an oar” attitude that applauds the arrival of, say, Galley Slaves or The Hedgehog Report ( as fellow workers, a generosity of spirit that I just don’t see on the left side of the spectrum.

    On this second point I would completely agree. In fact, my site would not have nearly the traffic it does if it wasn’t for other larger conservative sites that have provided links to my site, both pemanent as well as in individual posts. In fact, Hugh Hewitt still has a link to my site under his Election 2004 categry, and I still get quite a few links from his site to mine.

    Well now I will have to go out and buy Hewitt’s book just to have it for posterity. In fact, I recommend his book if you want to learn about the beginning of the rise of the bloogosphere. You can get it from by clicking on the link (while at the same time giving me a small cut of the purchase price of the book).

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    1. publius says:


    2. McCain says:

      Well done Dave! Kudos.
      Just a small point, and it is perhaps not even your objective, but I think you would generate more interest by keeping a national story on the top at all times.

    3. Stan5902 says:


      I rarely post, but read on a regular bases….

      Keep up the site.


    4. timactual says:

      “DEAD MEN…”

      How do you know?

    5. timactual says:

      re “generosity of spirit”

      It does seem to be something the left demands of the right, while not prcaticing itself. Witness all the calls for Bush et al. to make conciliatory gestures, allow their opponents to save face, etc.

    6. pw says:

      Congratulations! I think I came here last May, so I’ve been here close to a year. I’m glad traffic has gone down since the election…we had some real SOB’s here before Nov. 2, but they scurried away for the most part after Georgio whooped ass.:)

    7. Go DUKE!!! says:

      Thanks Dave for the GREAT site! I just wish you didn’t ban my boyfriend Kwame! I miss him.

    8. Go DUKE!!! says:

      I forgot! Go DUKE!!! I’m bummed that we don’t get the opportunity to whip up on some TAR HEELS!

    9. Hello Dolli says:

      Dave, I couldn’t have gotten through the 2004 election without your site. I can’t thank you enough for all the work you put into it and all the statistics, polling,and commentary you provided. Your insight was brilliant! Now, I’m hooked so visit your site daily. Go
      Hedgehog Report!!!!!!!!

    10. Cory says:

      Obviously I don’t come here because my views are reflected… but, instead, I come here because the setup and content of this site is the absolute best of all blogs, both left and right, that I have encountered. The commentary and analysis in both posts and comments is first rate… while also far enough to the right that I feel spurred to respond. 🙂 Congrats Dave, you deserve all the recognition you can get.

    11. Michael DeFlavia says:


      I still think your site and PoliPundit are the best out there currently.

      The reason for the slowdown on your site since the election is that the hard core followers of campaigns flock to this site because of the constant updates on the polls that you provide. This group which includes me, has had less reason to visit as obsessively as we did in the 6 months leading up to the election.

      By contrast, Polipundit was set up to discuss all political matters of the day. You do that as well, but your main focus intially seemed to be polling data. The visits to your site will increase dramatically when the mid-terms approach and we crazies start to go at one another again.

      Also, remember the amount of postings after the debates? I would that yours was one of the two or three highest,in terms of postings, on the web.

      Not that we always stayed on topic!

    12. tom york says:

      America likes its heroes humble
      That was my reaction to your review of BLOG referring to you and other blogs.
      Have found your postings consistently on the mark and am very glad to have found your site; it’s a regular on my Favorite’s list

    13. pw says:

      Can I be your boyfriend now?:)
      Kwame was a kook, and I’m glad he’s gone. You deserve better. You deserve MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCH better. In fact, you deserve a Master Studmuffin…Masterstudmuffin PW!:)