Chip Franklin Is An Ass

    UPDATE (03/08): A follwup to this post can be found here.

    I hate to have to write this post, but it has to be said. First a little history:

    Back in January, Chip Franklin from WBAL Radio was asked to speak at one of Howard County Republican Club meetings. Now Franklin usually gets paid to give speeches, but he agreed to speak at our regular Club meeting for free provided we entered a team for $250 into his annual Charity Dodgeball Tournament. We advertised his appearance to just about every Republican in Howard County area and was anticipating a large crowd. Unfortunately the date of the meeting fell on January 19th when a moderate snow storm came thourgh Maryland. This, coupled with a family emergency of Franklin’s, and he had to postpone his appearance. We had quite a few people show up at that meeting expecting to see Chip Franklin, but at the time, no one could really begrudge his postponement and since he had a legitimate excuse and also promised to come to our March meeting (we have meetings every other month), no one was really upset. Despite the cancellation, our club still entered a team into his Charity Dodgeball Tournament.

    I then find out at our Happy Hour last Friday that Chip Franklin canceled his appearance yet again to appear at our March meeting. This time though, his cancellation this time is obviously not a last minute thing. Instead, he canceled on us again because he apparently was offered a paid gig to speak. Now I do not fault Franklin for wanting to make money, in fact I applaud this and hope he makes as much money as he can. What irritates me is that after he missed the first meeting and the fact that we entered a team into his Charity Dodgeball tournament, I would have thought he would have stuck to his promise to show up at our March meeting. Instead he sold us out and decided he would rather make some more money for himself. I’ve had more than one person comment to me that they now think a lot less of Franklin than they once did. Again, no one begrudged Franklin for missing the January meeting as everyone has something come up at the last minute, but after promising to make it up at our March meeting, he has now bailed out again, this time for the almighty dollar. And he did so even after we still entered a team into his Dodgeball Tournament as he requested of us to do in order to have him as a speaker in the first place. In other words, Chip Franklin essentially scammed us into paying the tournament fee and then never held up his end of the bargain.

    For that, Chip Franklin is an “Ass”.

    (Disclaimer: My opinions do not neccesarily represent those of the Howard County Republican Club as a whole, but they should….)

    UPDATE (03/08): A follwup to this post can be found here.

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    4 Responses to “Chip Franklin Is An Ass”

    1. Greg from MD says:

      Guess he’s not making enough as a shill for the Ehrlich administration.

    2. timactual says:

      Sounds like breach of contract to me. Evidently there was promise, consideration, meeting of the minds. Perhaps the club could sue for its $250.

    3. Benj says:

      The guy is an ass…plain and simple since his word means nothing…

    4. david k says:

      As the person who invited Chip Franklin to speak I have to defend his position. He suggested that we enter the dodgeball tourn. He didn’t insist as a condition. He has made arrangements to speak at our meeting.
      Anyone who has had personal dealing with Chip Franklin would agree he is a great guy. You might not like his politics, but he is a great guy.

      Dave, I understand where you are coming from on this, and I have to take responsibility for confusing the issue. My apologies.