Media Whore Alert!

    This website made John Podheretz’s column in today’s New York Post.

    Now political news is available 24/7. It comes into your e-mail in-box in the form of pitches from the presidential campaigns, the parties and local candidates across the country. Three 24-hour cable-news channels now offer campaign coverage for at least 20 minutes of every hour — not to mention local cable channels like our own NY1.

    Most exciting and most addicting are the blogs — the citizen-journalist news sites. They offer campaign coverage of the highest order, from viewpoints spanning the political spectrum. So when I’m awake in the middle of the night taking care of a baby, I can surf Web sites to see the latest polling — and then do so again five hours later, and again every hour after that., in particular, has transformed the way engaged Americans watch politics by offering a poll compendium and national poll averages that are updated hourly.

    Three lesser-known sites are no less revolutionary: Daly Thoughts (, The Hedgehog Report ( and The Horserace Blog ( Here we find dazzling analyses of the polls that puts the pseudo-professional analysts at the major papers and CNN’s guru William Schneider to shame.

    You can read the whole column here. It is mostly about the rise in citizen-journalism.

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