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US Senate - George Allen (R-Inc) vs. James Webb (D)

WHOSTARTENDAllen (R)Webb (D)Margin
Rasmussen Reports2006-11-022006-11-024949+0
Rasmussen Reports2006-10-292006-10-294651+5
CNN/Opinion Research2006-10-262006-10-294650+4
Rasmussen Reports2006-10-242006-10-244948+1
Survey USA2006-10-222006-10-244946+3
Los Angeles Times2006-10-202006-10-234447+3
Washington Post2006-10-102006-10-124947+2
Rasmussen Reports2006-10-122006-10-124744+3
Rasmussen Reports2006-09-282006-10-014943+6
USA Today/Gallup2006-09-272006-10-014845+3
Survey USA2006-09-262006-09-285044+6
Mason Dixon2006-09-232006-09-274343+0
Survey USA2006-09-242006-09-264944+5
Survey USA2006-09-102006-09-124845+3
Rasmussen Reports2006-09-122006-09-125043+7
Mason Dixon2006-09-052006-09-074642+4
Survey USA2006-08-182006-08-204845+3
Rasmussen Reports2006-08-162006-08-164742+5
Mason Dixon2006-07-252006-07-274832+16
Rasmuseen Reports2006-07-182006-07-185039+11
Zogby International2006-07-122006-07-154737+10
Survey USA2006-06-252006-06-275637+19
Rasmussen Reports2006-06-142006-06-145141+10
Rasmussen Reports2006-04-112006-04-115030+20
Rasmussen Reports2006-03-152006-03-155430+24
Rasmussen Reports2006-02-082006-02-084937+12
Rasmussen Reports2005-12-072005-12-075726+31

US House Polls

2CD/RT Strategies2006-10-242006-10-26Drake45Kellam50+5
10CD/RT Strategies2006-10-082006-10-10Wolf47Feder42+5
2CD/RT Strategies2006-10-082006-10-10Drake49Kellam45+4
2CD/RT Strategies2006-08-272006-08-29Drake43Kellam51+8
5Survey USA2006-07-232006-07-25Goode59Weed35+24
9Survey USA2006-07-222006-07-24Carrico29Boucher66+37

US Senate Candidates

George Allen - (R-Inc)
James Webb - (D)

US House Candidates

District 1 - Jo Ann Davis - (R-Inc) vs. Shawn O'Donnell - (D)
District 2 - Thelma Drake - (R-Inc) vs. Phil Kellam - (D)
District 3 - Robert Scott - (D-Inc) - Unopposed By Republicans
District 4 - Randy Forbes - (R-Inc) - Unopposed By Democrats
District 5 - Virgil Goode - (R-Inc) vs. Al Weed - (D)
District 6 - Robert Goodlatte - (R-Inc) - Unopposed By Democrats
District 7 - Eric Cantor - (R-Inc) vs. Jim Nachman - (D)
District 8 - Tom O'Donoghue - (R) vs. James Moran - (D-Inc)
District 9 - Bill Carrico - (R) vs. Rick Boucher - (D-Inc)
District 10 - Frank Wolf - (R-Inc) vs. Judy Feder - (D)
District 11 - Tom Davis - (R-Inc) vs. Andy Hurst - (D)

State Party Links

Republicans - Website
Democrats - Website

Recent Elections

2004 President
Bush/Cheney (R) 53.68%
Kerry/Edwards (D) 45.48%

2002 Senate
J. Warner (R) 82.58%
No Democrat

2001 Governor
M. Warner (D) 52.16%
M. Early (R) 47.03%

2001 Attorney General
J. Kilgore (R) 60.01%
A. McEachin (D) 39.92%

2000 Senate
G. Allen (R) 52.3%
C. Robb (D) 47.7%

2000 President
Bush/Cheney (R) 52.5%
Gore/Lieberman (D) 44.4%