January 25, 2016

The Wrong Message At This Time

I love snow, wanted as much as possible.  I have been beyond patient as the hardworking snow plow drivers are out on the Howard County roads clearing the roads.  My cul-de-sac has not been plowed as of this morning and, since the Howard County Snow Plow Tracker is apparently just a massive waste of money, I am completely in the dark as to when my street will be plowed.  The only information we have gotten from our elected officials is it will be sometime by Wednesday, could be up to 96 hours after the final flakes fell Saturday night.  So why on earth is the Howard County Government putting up this, as I called it last night on Facebook, obnoxious Facebook post:


I will gladly shovel my sidewalk as I always do after snowstorms.  I have no problem with this requirement and I know full well as a homeowner, it is part of my responsibility.  But when you are telling people that they may not have their street shovel until up to 96 hours after the final flake falls and using the phrase “historic snowstorm” over and over again to justify this, telling people they will be fined for not shoveling their sidewalks within 48 hours just seems insensitive.

What is now even more aggravating is the County Government has yet to make any response whatsoever to the growing anger at this post.  They have responded to other Facebook posts, but seem to be utterly silent to this PR fiasco.  Allan Kittleman, please make some sort of public statement clarifying this Facebook post.

Moving forward, what may be appropriate is for our County Council to look into changing the law to something along the lines that people must have their sidewalks shovel within 24 hours after their street has been plowed.  This then would at least put the onus on both the Government and homeowners/businesses to be in the recovery efforts together instead of pitting the Government against the people.

UPDATE 8:29am: Scott Ewart is making the same call on the Government to respond to this Facebook post.

UPDATE 12:04pm: The County Executive has apologized and updated Facebook concerning sidewalk shoveling. Much appreciated. My hope is with this issue, the useless snow plow tracker, and the communication in general that there is an after action look at how things went. AS much as I love looking at photo ops, they become increasingly irritating when you can’t even get off your own street and are truly in the dark about what is really going on.



  1. They updated Facebook this morning and said just do it when you can.

    Comment by Meg — January 25, 2016 @ 10:36 am

  2. Thanks for the mention in your update. I think once we all pointed out the mistake to the County Executive, he directed his staff to update us with an appropriate response.

    Comment by Scott E — January 25, 2016 @ 8:37 pm

  3. […] This became an issue yesterday when the afternoon before (specifically at 3:40pm on the 24th) the Howard County Government Facebook page issued this information to followers of the account (READ MORE HERE). This caused a major uproar on Facebook with over 130 comments (mostly negative) and another 120 shares. There were at least two bloggers that wrote about the post (Scott E’s Blog and Hedgehog Report). […]

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  4. Hello. And Bye.

    Comment by XRumerTest — February 4, 2016 @ 12:27 am

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