Status Of “Second Chance Saloon”

I was reading Wordbones’ latest news on the opening of a new bar in Ellicott City and it got me to wondering what ever happened to the potential new bar at the the location of the old Last Chance Saloon (and later Fire Rock Grille). Back during the summer, I seem to remember a number of there were a number of articles indicating that the new place, called the Second Chance Saloon, was going to open around September, but then I haven’t heard anything since.

So I did a little research and found out that the owners did set up a new website for the “Second Chance Saloon” and the latst post on the website indicates the following.

Oct 15th, 2008: We are remodeling our Saloon under new ownership, and are getting ready to reopen our establishment. Our Web Site is also under construction.

We will announce our upcoming events here shortly.
Return again to see the latest news and opening dates. Thank you.

So I guess that partially answers that question, although still no opening date, in case you were wondering like me.

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  1. Hayduke says:

    I was just wondering about this place myself. Thanks for looking into it!